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Hosting a dinner party, a gal’s night, or just want to have something unique to do with your friends/family/colleagues? I come to you! *Must have 4 people to do a Group Reading*

Group readings kick off with a group session where we’ll go over all of the parts of a birth chart (signs, planets, houses) followed by a mini 20min reading for each person (what houses and signs their planets are in and what it means - love language, communication style, drive in life, emotional personality). I’ll wrap the evening with going over big astrological events coming up and where each of you can expect it to impact your lives (think eclipses, retrogrades, transits). All guests go home with a printout of their personal chart.

Group size : 4-10people

Time : 2.5 - 4.5 hrs

Cost per person : $75.00

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