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Summer Solstice | July 2019

The Solstice on June 21st marks the first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is at its highest and the day is at its longest. Nature’s rhythms are starting to peak as we head into a period of fruitfulness. Flowers are in full bloom, ready to be pollinated and eventually bear delicious fruit. Nature lets us know that even though the days become shorter, and things start to break down/contract, the best is yet to come.

The Summer Solstice is one of my favorite times of the year. The energy is beautiful, fun-loving, warm, and a tad whimsical. The Sun is at its brightest point, entering the sign of Cancer, infusing us with protective, healing, nurturing, and revitalizing energy.

For this reason, the Solstice is (and has been) a powerful time to hold space. Whether that be with a partner, a group of friends or loved ones, or just taking some time to yourself. Take advantage of this time to fill up your cup and recharge with positive energy.


Solstice Self Care Tips for your Sign

Aries Rising // Aries

Focus on parenting yourself and work life balance. Taking care of the responsibilities you need to put your best foot forward. Make sure you tend to the basics as mundane as laundry and grocery shopping and show gratitude for these rituals.

Taurus Rising // Taurus

Hanging out with your friends! Friend therapy is key. Restore yourself through the pleasant company of others. Try unplugging and being in the moment. Focus on strengthening your connections around you by really being present.

Gemini Rising // Gemini

Take time to yourself this weekend, or take time to get away. Get out of your head and get in touch with yourself. Head out in nature, clear your mind, meditate. Focus on chilling out, and letting go of structures and plans. Just be! It’s hard for a Gemini, but you gotta relax sometimes!

Cancer Rising // Cancer

Get in touch with your physical body. Boost your vitality! Is there a new workout class you have wanted to try? Perhaps a juice cleanse or new vitamin routine. Try something that focuses on making your physical wellness a priority. Now is the perfect time to manifest positive improvements in your health!

Leo Rising // Leo

Treat yourself to something nice to boost your self esteem and remind yourself how fabulous you are. Perhaps some retail therapy. Or, a decadent dinner at a lovely restaurant. Love on yourself by surrounding yourself with beautiful things. Indulge! You deserve it!

Virgo Rising // Virgo

Indulge your curiosity or your mind. Try something new. Seek out new and different information. Perhaps a new podcast or a new book will bring you the insight you have been looking for. A little weekend getaway or short trip somewhere would do you good now as well.

Libra Rising // Libra

Take time to spend with your family and connect to your roots. Or, take time alone to recharge in the privacy and comfort of your own home. In terms of self-care it is important to focus on what grounds you. Slow cooked meal? Dinner with Mom? Water your roots so you can continue to grow.

Scorpio Rising // Scorpio

Now is a time to focus on self care through self expression. Being creative and artistic has a huge therapeutic component to it. This can be any creative outlet, however that looks for you. Writing? Cooking? You name it. Tap into your creative flow and have fun!

Sagittarius Rising // Sagittarius

Use this solstice to reinvigorate your diet and nutrition. Perhaps it is a new smoothie you want to try everyday or you want to cut out sugar. Your day to day practice around what you put in your body would benefit from some extra umph. Inject some love into this area to feed your soul and uplift your spirit.

Capricorn Rising // Capricorn

Your mantra is “everything is better when shared”. Doing activities with a partner will bring the most joy and fulfillment. Weather it is going to a yoga class with a new friend, or going on a date with your husband.The more deeply we connect to others, the more deeply we connect to ourselves.

Aquarius Rising // Aquarius

This solstice is the opportunity to do some soul searching. Take care of your emotional or psychological well being however you need too. Weather it be with a counselor, friend, partner, tend to your emotional needs. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. Exploring new emotional depths with those you trust will bring out beautiful gems in your personality you did not know you had.

Pisces Rising // Pisces

Embrace your sense of wanderlust! Feed your soul by expanding your horizons, learning new things, and embracing big grand ideas. Maybe start planning your perfect vacation. What new cultures do you want to experience? Now is the time for growth and expansion.


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