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Cast Your Chart Like a Pro - For Free!

Try the tips below to start casting charts like a pro. For free ninety nine.


My passion with astrology began at Cafe Astrology is an excellent resource to cast your chart, and access an encyclopedias worth of free content. When I was first learning astrology, I would print out articles and put them into a binder. Then read and review them when I would look at charts. You can learn a lot on that site.

However, it is possible to cast your chart in a way that professional astrologers do, with more chart points and with different house systems, for free.

If you do not know it already it's

Step By Step

  1. Go to

  2. Free Horoscopes > Drawings & Calculations > EXTENDED CHART SELECTION

  3. Continue as Guest or Login

  4. Enter your birth data (you don't have to enter the time if you don't know it)

  5. Update your house system (I choose whole signs, whatever floats your boat).

  6. Pick what points go on your chart (I select true node, descending node, fixed stars, and no aspect lines. Aspect lines annoy me. Don't know why. Leave them in if you like!)

  7. Additional Objects: I am always going to throw in some goddesses and the galactic center! It is 100% up to you.

Bam! There is your chart! You can also click on the 'additional tables' button at the top of the screen to print out a list of your specific placements.

The quick clip below outlines how to do this in a flash! I casted my chart using the houses and planets I normally use, but that won't work for everyone. Play around and find out what you like and what works best for you! Pro Tip: if you create an account you can also save your default settings so you don't have to select these points all the time.

There are three major things I love about using

1. You create an account for free and store charts.

  • This site allows you to create a profile so you can store all of the charts you cast. So you can add your moms birthday, or your crush, or your bitch as cousin and refer to them when you need them. I must had cast 50-60 charts with for fun, and now all of that data is gone *sigh*. I guess I will never know the moon sign of my former co-workers.

2. You can add in asteroids, dwarf planets, and other chart points.

  • But what does that mean? Well, you can add in asteroids, dwarf planets, and points in space that bring A LOT of additional insight to a chart. You can add cool shit like the asteroid goddesses or the Galactic Center! It is quick and easy, and you can play around with them. If these new chart points contact your planets or angles, that adds a new layer of insight to your chart you could miss out on.

3. You can pick your house system.

  • You can also pick a new house system. Now we may be getting too advanced, but with and the default house system is placidus. You can update this to whole sign house system (very popular right now and my personal fav), porphyry (if you super into evolutionary astrology & Kaypacha and stuff) or any of the other house systems available.

Hope you enjoy!


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