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From April 2022 - July 2022 consultation availability is limited.

Returning clients, gift card holders, and referrals are encouraged to email directly to book their session. 

Please email to inquire about availability

Only remote readings are being offered at this time.

 details below on what to expect and how to book...

sliding scale available for bipoc, lgbtq+ folks & industry workers.
Please email for sliding scale rates before booking if you are interested & qualify.

Want to know what people are saying about their readings? Check out the feedback below!

If you are looking to receive more insight, guidance, clarity, or validation on a particular topic in your life, an astrology consultation is a great place to start.​

Consultation topics can be versatile and we can cover a topic of interest on your first appointment, or follow up. Just mention what you would like to focus on when booking on your intake form. Here are some suggestions of topics we can focus on or touch on in your reading: 

- Career & Life Path

- Relationships & Love

- Health & Wellness

- Soul Purpose & Karma/Dharma Lessons

- Navigating Life Transitions

- Year Ahead Outlook

- Chart Tutoring & Q&A about your chart placements

- Astrologer's Choice (no preference)

Each reading comes with a gorgeous PDF packet of  your natal charts & data, a recording of our reading, detailed personalized notes, and important dates to note or reflect on. 

Together we dive into your chart and examine the helpful aspects and challenging aspects and work with your unique strengths to empower you to live your best life and step into your power. By integrating evolutionary astrology, we broaden our to focus not just on this lifetime, but your soul’s journey through multiple lifetimes. We can see patterns in your soul's conditioning, and shed light on some potential mental blockers, ultimately leading to personal growth, spiritual development, and overall well being.

While each reading is helpful in providing insight and guidance, every consultation is catered to your unique birth chart. 

Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with any and all questions at We can also setup a call to chat about your consultation, and what would be best for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

How do I book a reading? What's the process?

  1. Click the 'book online' button up top to select the type of consultation you are looking for. 

  2. Select a date and time that works for you from the availability calendar

  3. Fill out a brief survey with your information, birth time, and if the reading will be in person, or online. 

  4. Enter payment information.

  5. You're booked! I will personally email you within 24 hours of booking to confirm our reading time and send our ZOOM dial in link 



  • Accurate Birth Information: Birth Time, Location, and Date. This can be found on your birth certificate, or by texting your mom. If you cannot locate your birth time, this MUST be disclosed before your appointment so I can adjust my techniques accordingly and discuss options for your reading.

  • A positive, open attitude! A defensive and closed off attitude can ruin the transformational potential of the consultation. Your willingness to participate and be open to receiving the messages is essential.

  • Please be sure to read over the disclaimer & client acknowledgement and consent form sent in a PDF and linked here.


The Fine Print

  • Because of required prep work, all services are non-refundable within 72 hours of the appointment date.

  • All payment is due prior to the scheduled appointment. No pressure, we can reschedule after booking within a few days, if needed. If you do not know a date, feel free to schedule far in advance and email us to reschedule. 

  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Disclaimer linked below will also be sent after appointment has been confirmed for review.



  • Do you offer gift cards?

    • ​Yes! CLICK HERE to purchase a reading as a gift.This will go through a separate payment process.

  • Can I receive a birth chart analysis without the reading/consultation?

    • In order to receive a chart packet with my notes and writings, a verbal dialogue is required. It is a critical part of the experience.

  • What house system do you use?

    • I use whole sign house system when interpreting charts. ​

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