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"There are two aspects of Kate that make her readings simply magical. First, she has core astrology competences and explains it in a digestible and patient manner. During yesterday's reading, she set the scene, giving accurate details of what had already happened on 2021 that blew me away. She interpreted my birth chart in such a depth and quality that was not only impressive but also exciting. On the other hand, Kate has such a loving and magical air, that her readings spark a space for creation that is just inviting. I love that after the reading I get a detailed report - and the recording of the session. The report is both super complete with a lot of details and beautifully crafted. I am so grateful for Kate's work and I am always looking forward to my next reading!"

 - Tabatha P.R.H.

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An astrology reading should feel like an experience where we hold space for  you, your personal development, and spiritual growth. I am here for it. That's why I take great care with each reading to create resources and insights just for you. You will walk away with a beautiful packet full of customized notes catered to your chart. My goal as an astrologer is to relay the most important messages that you need to hear. In an approachable, accessible, and logical way I breakdown your chart in a way that makes sense by merging the practical and the esoteric. We focus on your gifts, and how to work with them to live life to the fullest. Yes, anyone can read about their chart and horoscopes from the many wonderful apps and services. But working with an astrologer will add a special depth and clarity that can't be found anywhere else but a one on one experience. I hope to work with you soon to strengthen your relationship with astrology, and most importantly yourself.

* sample packet included with each reading *

How do I book a reading? What's the process?

  1. Visit the 'Book A Reading' Page

  2. Click the 'book now'  to select the type of consultation you are looking for. 

  3. Select a date and time that works for you from the availability calendar

  4. Fill out a brief survey with your information, birth time, and if the reading will be in person, or online. 

  5. Enter payment information.

  6. You're booked! I will email shortly to confirm our reading time, send our ZOOM dial in and/or office location, confidentiality agreement/privacy policy, and some free astrology 101 materials.  



  • Accurate Birth Information: Birth Time, Location, and Date. This can be found on your birth certificate, or by texting your mom. If you cannot locate your birth time, this MUST be disclosed before your appointment so I can adjust my techniques accordingly and discuss options for your reading.

  • A positive, open attitude! A defensive and closed off attitude can ruin the transformational potential of the consultation. Your willingness to participate and be open to receiving the messages is essential.

  • Please be sure to read over the disclaimer & client acknowledgement and consent form sent in a PDF and linked here.


The Fine Print

  • Because of required prep work, all services are non-refundable within 72 hours of the appointment date.

  • All payment is due prior to the scheduled appointment. No pressure, we can reschedule after booking within a few days, if needed. If you do not know a date, feel free to schedule far in advance and email us to reschedule. 

  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Disclaimer linked below will also be sent after appointment has been confirmed for review. 

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