Hi, I'm Kate!

I'm an Astrologer based out of Chicago, IL.


You can count on me to remain grounded and practical (Taurus Sun), yet light hearted and fun (Leo Moon) with a nurturing side that loves to take care of everyone (Cancer Rising).

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Working With Me


To anyone reading this who would like to gain clarity on a topic in life or understand your birth chart, I would be delighted to get to know you. Astrology is the language of energy (however you define energy, God, Source, etc). As an astrologer, I am here to help translate. My goal is to relay cosmic information by analyzing the sky at the time of your birth. Our birth charts are like maps of our souls, that help guide us through this life. Our charts show us who we are, where we are coming from, and what we need to embrace and move towards. 

Working with astrology is a sacred experience. In session we dive into your chart, uncovering soulful insights to help guide and inspire you on your journey. If you feel stuck or unclear, your chart holds the answers you already may know but cannot see. Astrology can clear these blocks brought on by false belief systems, past lives, our culture, parents, the list goes on. My goal is to cut through all of the external chatter and bring to light your authentic self that is written in your stars. When  you realize how your chart matches what you feel inside,  you're invited to step fully into your power. If you are going through a rough patch, astrology is perfect to help you understand cycles and seasons in life, and what lessons our soul is learning during these phases. An astrology reading speaks to your soul and instills inner peace in knowing that everything about you and surrounding you was meant to be.  


Don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions about readings, or starting your astrological journey!



Kate Heinricher  is an astrologer, reiki master, and writer/content creator for Girl and the Galaxy. She also loves plants, politics, and long walks near the water. 


Kate's expertise is in the field of Evolutionary Astrology, which integrates spirituality with astrological symbolism to dive deeply into the structure of the soul and soul purpose. Kate's unique astrological style integrates a variety of effective techniques to quickly and gently bring clarity and healing to her friends, family, and clients. Her unique astrological style is infused with practicality and a touch of humor, making deep topics light and approachable. As a primarily self-taught astrologer, Kate continues to study with the top astrologers in the field, because Astrological Education is a lifelong journey. Kate also specializes in her interpretations of the Asteroid Goddesses and Goddess Archetypes  to heal the divine feminine and divine masculine in us all. 


Kate’s lifelong goal has always been to be of the highest and utmost service to others. What you may not know is that Kate graduated with her BA in Political Science, specializing in political theory and undergraduate thesis work on Congressional voting patterns. After graduating, Kate found her way into the world of spirituality and mysticism. All in all, her passion for making the world a better place is the bedrock of her work.

Astrological Affiliations

  • OPA - Organization for Professional Astrologers (2018 - present)


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