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October Vibes | 2019

This October the major astrological transits of 2019 are coming to a close. This means that October is the time to finish up the lessons of 2019, understand them, make peace with them, and then clear space for what is coming in 2020. Things are coming together right now, as we see clearly what has manifested throughout the year.

The equinox has shifted our energy, and we can feel the shift in the crisp autumn air. As the energy shifts, so does our perspective. The astrological energy this month allows us to look at a reflection of a version of ourselves we have been working on.

Autumn equinox is like an exhale of energy. It invites us to release, digest, and breakdown. This month we can use this energy to see where our journeys have taken us this year. October is the perfect time to take a step back, and integrate the lessons throughout 2019.

All of the major astrological activity supports the energy of exhale, release, and final integration. With Jupiter in the last decan of Sagittarius, our major transit over the past year is coming to a close. Moreover, the Neptune Jupiter square (the test of faith) has been passed, and we are ready to graduate to a wiser version of ourselves. The Saturn/South Node dance is dwindling out, and the two powerhouses come to their final separation. The karmic roots have been addressed, one way or another, and we can walk more fully into our souls responsibilities in 2020.

As we take a long, hearty exhale this month, take some space to enjoy a new version of yourself. This version is one that is a bit wiser, tested, and comfortably authentic.


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