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July Vibes | 2019

July 2019 is chock full of significant astrological events. How these events impact you personally depends on your chart. Generally, July is a powerful month to embrace new ways of being and thinking. It is a time to reach towards and grasp your future, and let go of what is no longer serving you.

The energy this month is pushing us forward towards personal and collective transformation. This could be a gentle coaxing, or a swift kick in the ass. July will open new portals, and close old ones, ushering in significant new experiences that invite us to grasp what we need in order to harness our potential.

To harness our fullest potential, our souls are called to embrace life in new ways. We may be on a path that is not completely our own. What is and is not ours can come up throughout the month. Authenticity is our golden ticket to use this energy in a productive way. By embracing our authentic journeys, we have the opportunity to correct personal and collective Karma. What does your authentic journey in life look like?

The answers are always inside of you. We do not hear them, we uncover them from the inside. Whatever we are recovering/uncovering this month, will be essential to the larger narrative of our life.

It is important to keep the faith through all of this energy that when one door closes, another one opens. Change can be very, very frightening. But resistance to these changes will only make the journey more difficult, like a Chinese finger trap. The harder we impose our ego, the tighter the energetic struggle. This month, strengthen your faith muscles. Be adaptable. Float downstream. Remember, the universe ALWAYS has your back.

So carpe mother fucking diem this month my friends! Get out there and seize the day and the new, purely authentic, chapter in your life. The universe is supporting you the whole way through.


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