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August Vibes | 2019

We have a planetary pile up in Leo to kick off the month, with Venus, Mars, Sun, and Moon. August is the time to step fully into your authentic self. Embody and embrace your personal brand. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is our creative life force. It’s our chi, the vital energy that runs through us and expresses itself through our egos. Stay balanced during this time of creative energy. At times the ego can run rampant, lending to narcissism or a bit of arrogance. To stay balanced, don’t forget to detach ego from your creative projects. It’s not about the number of likes, views, or followers. It’s about the expression, it’s about having an impact. The point of any creative endeavor is bigger than our egos. Ultimately, we have to balance the uniqueness of our identity. Another energy to embrace this month is creative play. Sometimes giving yourself space to have fun clears the way for new, innovative ideas. Release stress through fun! Take time to create without the pressure of expectation and witness creative magic.


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