November Vibes | 2019

This November, the major astrological transits of 2019 are passed and we are invited to turn inward to integrate and reflect on the lessons of 2019. As the energy shifts, so does our perspective. All of the major astrological activity supports the energy of exhale, release, and final integration. With Jupiter in the last decan of Sagittarius, our major transit over the past year is coming to a close.

The Neptune Jupiter square (the test of faith) has been passed, and we are ready to graduate to a wiser version of ourselves. The Saturn/South Node dance is dwindling out, and the two powerhouses have finally separated. The karmic roots have been addressed, one way or another, and we can walk more fully into our souls responsibilities in 2020.

This month highlights in two seemingly opposing energies: lightheartedness and intensity. With Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius this month, we still have a lightness to our experience before the vibes get very Capricorn heavy in 2020. While Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, there is the opportunity to go deep. This will be a good month to tap into our subconscious motivations. This month is not about big exterior shifts, it's about big shifts within ourselves.

As we take a long, hearty exhale this month, take some space to enjoy a new version of yourself. This version is one that is a bit wiser, tested, and comfortably authentic.


This year Jupiter has been moving through the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter makes things bigger. Wherever he moves in your chart will tell you an area of life that has become emphasized for you. Jupiter is almost finished working on this area of your life, and has brought forth some powerful lessons or experiences. Read more about what to focus on integrating to prepare for the new lessons of 2020.

I recommend reading by your rising sign, but if you do not know this, you can read from your sun sign.

Aries Rising//Aries

Time to decide what you believe. This has been a year in exposing you to new ideas, and seeing the common truth that runs through all things. Now that you have gone through a stage of enlightenment of your beliefs, you will have to incorporate this wisdom with your professional life. 2020 will be a big year for your career. Start thinking about where new realizations will guide your direction on career. Venus will also support the energy of Jupiter, and could bring in new friendships or experiences. Don’t be afraid to tap into your inner gypsy and dream big! It’s a great month to explore, immerse yourself in different cultures to absorb wisdom. Traveling is a great idea, despite mercury being retrograde. The last week of November (exactly on November 25), Venus and Jupiter will meet up and expand this energy to its peak.

Also this month, the Mercury retrograde from October 31-November 20 will be a great time to evaluate the shared values with those around you. It’s also a good time to manage finances or take a look at where you potentially have debt, or how you are sharing your resources with others. Does a cash flow to a partner need to be cut off, or maybe reopened? Ultimately, our shared money and resources are going towards what we value.

The full moon on November 12th will have the opportunity to shed light on your personal finances and values. Around this time messages or experiences around your personal values will be illuminated. The full moon will help to ensure that each shared expense aligns with your moral compass, and is fulfilling your needs. Avoid making any rash decisions or signing any papers now, just begin to open up and realize what needs to happen at the end of November and into December. The month will wrap up with a New Moon in Gemini on November 27. For you, this is a wonderful time to set commit to being more understanding to the different points of view of others. Commit to and set intention around clear, understanding and empathetic communication. Look inward for answers and truth, don’t be overly distracted by the media. Set intention around your truth, no one else's. It should be clearer now more than ever!

Taurus Rising//Taurus