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The Zodiac // the astrological mandala

The ancients noticed that the Sun, Moon, and planets moved across a very specific backdrop. As we know, the zodiac is simply referring to the twelve constellations of stars positioned along the ecliptic. The word literally means "circle of animals". They line up neatly in a little belt that circles around the sky in order of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The Zodiacal Wheel, the Astrological Mandala, is a representation of the twelve major archetypal energies we face in our human experience. All twelve signs are interconnected through the sacred circle, which represents a sacred cycle. Aries to Pisces we are talking about a precession of seasons, all interconnected, but unique. 

Dividing up the sky into twelve parts is no accident. Twelve is a sacred number, found frequently across ancient and modern cultures. Jesus had twelve disciples, there are twelve months in a year, twelve hours on a clock. The energy of ‘The Twelve’ is sacred. This sacred energy is the foundation of the astrological language we read, interpret, and translate. Below is a quick snapshot of the zodiac. 

GATG.Zodiac Wheel, seasons and cycles gr

Before diving into the twelve archetypes, it can be helpful understand a few high level concepts. If this is too much for you, please feel free to skip this or toss out what I am saying. Astrological concepts are not for everyone, but they may be helpful to you in understanding. Everyone learns differently and applies concepts with different techniques. If concepts don’t fit your techniques, don’t use them. If they do, use ‘em! 


Important Concepts of the Zodiac


1. Archetypes & Energy - the twelve signs describe twelve main energies that run through signs, houses, planets, and aspects

The twelve signs are like twelve flavors. The flavors of each sign are consistent across signs, planets, houses, and aspects. Meaning, the energy is very similar between the first sign, the first house, aries, and a conjunction aspect. They have similar flavors.  They're concepts all resonate with the same basic idea. These twelve ideas are also called ARCHETYPES. But flavors come in different forms. Strawberry ice cream and strawberry pie both taste like strawberry but they are not the same thing, just like Aries and the First house are not the same thing. But they do have the same flavor, and taste very similar. One of my favorite astrologers, Mark Jones, said in a lecture that the twelve archetypes are like, “the twelve notes of a symphony. The twelve notes of an octave that make a symphony sift through their endless subtle variations of their infinite combinations.”   They are not the same energy exactly, rather, manifestations of the same energy in different ways. You may not have many planets in Cancer, but if you have a lot of planets in the fourth house, this will enhance Cancerian energy in your chart. By learning the twelve signs, you are understanding so much about astrology that you may not even realize. Everything comes back to the wisdom hidden in the endless energetic details of these 12 signs.


2. Cycles

Cycles are the state of nature, we are constantly in flux. The moon is new, then full. The seasons change, life dies, life blooms again. Astrology is all about the cycles we experience in nature, and how they apply to the development of our egos & souls. We’re born, we live, we die. Our souls seek to find themselves, they settle down, they evolve. We know ourselves, we know others, we know ourselves with others. Cycles are apart of astrology (especially evolutionary astrology). Aries (the first sign) represents the beginning of the cycle while Pisces (the last sign) represents the end of the cycle. Each sign shows a unique phase of the development of the ego, as a smaller chunk of a much larger cycle. For example, Gemini is the first air sign, so it represents the ego learning language, communication, and intellect. Hence, Geminis are chatty and social and curious. It can be helpful to keep this in mind when learning astrology to understand each sign, and how they work together to form the entire zodiac wheel.


3. Northern Hemispheric Perspective

Please note that all seasonal analogies are derived from a northern hemispheric perspective. This concept is used by many astrologers. Seasonal analogies apply to the southern hemisphere. These are the two sides of the same coin. As above, so below. I prefer using the northern hemispheric perspective because I enjoy relating it to my environment. Theories and techniques have to complement each other, and if this theory does not benefit your technique, don’t use it. Feel free to ignore or disregard these analogies if they do not benefit you and serve your practice. 


4. Sacred Patterns & Sacred Ordering

After each sign comes another sign to expand and correct any flaws or shortcomings from the sign before it. All energies are interconnected and active. The mandala lays down specific elements and energies at specific times and places to create specific patterns. Yes, thank makes no sense when you first hear it. But bare with me. There are sacred patterns in the astrological mandala that gives the idea of astrology a bit more creedence. Think of it like this, each zodiac sign follows a rhythm of Fire, Earth, Air, Water. Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable. These patterns are next to each other, opposing each other, and interacting with each other.



March 21- April 20


Face and horns of ram. Also Ovaries.

Aries png.png


The very start of spring time! Spring equinox in the northern hempisphere

Spring Buds


The Pioneer

Symbol Graphics- Aries .png


The Ram


Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 4.01.45 PM.png


Energetic, Independent, Autonomous, Courageous, Enterprising, Decisive, Aggressive, Impulsive, Excitable, Competitive, Playful, Youthful Spirit

The first sign in the zodiac, Aries. Aries season begins during the spring equinox, when spring is starting (in the northern hemisphere). The energy of Aries is vibrant, youthful, eager and spirited.  Aries represents the birth of the individual self from the collective waters of Pisces. The energy of Aries is akin to being born. In our human experience, it resonates when we emerge from the womb and the umbilical cord gets cut. During this initial phase of being, we realize that we are an individual with an ego. There is an instinctive understanding in this phase that we have an identity that has the ability for agency.  Aries energy is seeks to explore, expand, self-realize, and self actualize. Being fire, yang energy, Aries seeks from without and is in search for new ideas, inspiration, and is naturally curious with a sense of wonder. When there is an energy imbalance, it is easy for an Aries to finish all of the things they have started. Aries is the first sign, so it likes to be first. Being ruled by Mars, Aries loves to play games, they are addicted to the thrill of the chase. Many times Aries are naturally athletic and enjoy completion. Aries is naturally competitive, but the most naturally competitive with themselves. 

Strong Aries signatures indicate a constant push towards personal evolution and self improvement. The key to the archetype of Aries is to focus on themselves in this life. Aries invites us to take a new perspective on what it means to be selfish. The opposite of Aries in Libra. Aries being the self, Libra being the sign of partnerships. Generally Aries have a  great sense of self. Being ‘selfish’ can often have a negative connotation. However, Aries energy teaches us how to be selfish in the best way. Are you taking care of yourself? Are you keeping your cup full? Are you doing what you love? Aries invites us to unapologetically put ourselves first, not in a bad way, but in a productive way. The ultimate goal of this selfishness is to contribute back to the greater goal or ideal.  By focusing on oneself, you have the ability to help others.  Another signature trait of an Aries is their courage. Aries are not fearless, mind you, they just have an understanding that when you go into a knife fight you are going to get cut. They know that when they step into the ring they are going to get hit, but the Aries energy will not hold them back. They will act in the face of fear. 


  • Courageous, takes initiative, enterprising, entrepreneurial. 

  • Pushes the boundaries, forward thinking

  • Has a healthy and robust sense of self, identity, self esteem, independence, and self awareness. 

  • Healthy competition, good competitor & sportsman

  • Good at keeping your cup full. Focuses on oneself so they can help others. Constructive self-interest & self-nurturance.

  • Understanding and appreciation for the physical body, being in a body and honoring the beauty of physicality

  • Impulses are under control, but you know when and how to speak up. Healthy sense of self-assertion and courage to take action.

  • Excellent in partnerships because one's independence and self knowledge serves as stable ground for a productive relationship.


  • Rash, impulsive or recklessness

  • Overly competitive and aggressive, sore loser & winner. Need to win at all cost. 

  • Overly independent, leading to loneliness or isolation. Conscious or subconscious fear of commitment or loss of independence.

  • Self Centeredness/Selfishness in an unhealthy way, thoughtless self-assertion.

  • Neglecting others because of being preoccupied with the self. Lacking courtesy or awareness of others’ needs for support.

  • Overly indifferent to what others think, lack of perspective

  • Unable to compromise or meet someone halfway, all or nothing mentality

  • Hot-headedness, losing one's cool



April 21 - May 20

Symbol Graphics- Taurus.png


The Bull

Taurus copy.png


Face and horns of bull. 


The Builder


The middle of springtime, full bloom

Basket of Flowers


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.44.46

Sensual, Artistic, Hard Working, Through, Practical, Grounded, Down to Earth, Persevering, Resilient, Chill

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and the first earth sign. It falls directly after Aries and resembles what it means to realize that you have a physical body after you realize you have an ego. Taurus is the vessel that holds the energy of Aries. Taurus is the first earth sign, so it has to do with the physical earth, and our understanding of matter, and what matters. Values, and what we value. Being fixed, it seeks to preserve what has been created or initiated. Tauruses have the ability to manifest their desires through consistent hard work and effort. However, if you are hoping to see immediate or quick results you are going to be waiting a very long time. Taurus hates to be rushed. Being a fixed earth sign, this is as solid as it gets. Rushing Taurus energy is like trying to move a mountain, or like pulling a Bull. If you can imagine a Bull walking, if you pulled on them harder to get them to go faster, they just drag their heels into the dirt. When they get going at their own pace, they will walk and walk and plow past everyone with superior strength and endurance. It will take a while for Taurus energy to manifest but when it does it will be nothing short of perfection. 

Being ruled by Venus, Taureans are naturally creative individuals. This can manifest in having a great eye for design, or being a fantastic artist of any sort. They enjoy nice things! Every Taurus I know loves and appreciates quality. If they are eating a nice dinner, they can appreciate the wonderful cuisine and the fine china they are eating off of. They are willing to pay bank for quality or to treat themselves. However, they are masters at being frugal when they need to be. I always find a Taurus likes to get the best possible deal, or splurge and pay extra for the good shit. They don’t fall in between because they know how to value things, and what they value. 

Venus is sensual, and the phase of development of taurus is that of the physical body. Thus, Tauruses are excellent lovers. They are not lazy, but they love to relax and lounge around when they can, or take any excuse to pamper themselves. Taurus season is in the height of springtime, so it evokes an energy that life is blossoming. The energy that exudes hope and excitement of the magical possibility to physical manifestation our dreams and reality.


  • Grounded, real, down to earth, approachable. Relatable, able to meet people where they are.

  • Master of common sense.  

  • Astute money management, understanding of values. 

  • Manifestation through hard work and consistency.

  • Level headed, calm, and chill in the face of uncertainty. Offers grounded stability.

  • Knows how to take things one step at a time. Patient in results and life in general.

  • Calm & persistent in the face of obstacles. 

  • Cultivates and emanates a healthy sense of self worth.

  • Aware & aligned with personal values.

  • Sensual, artistic, loves and appreciates the finer things. 

  • Earthy & in touch with nature. 


  • Unhealthy attachment to comfort & resistance to change.

  • Overly materialistic & possessive. 

  • Too concerned with accumulation and ownership and material security.

  • Stubbornness, rigidity, overly fixed in ones ways. 

  • Getting bogged down in sensual appetites.

  • Repeatedly doing things one way (the hard way) even though another way is easier.



May 21 - June 20

Symbol Graphics- Gemini.png
Wild Flowers


A companion, two connected

Gemini png.png


The Communicator



Late spring, early summer


The Twins

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.44.32


Curious, Chatty, Smart, Excitable, Inquisitive, Communicative, Eloquent, Clever, Indecisive

Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac, so it resembles the first development of the mind and intellect. In the sign before (Taurus), we realize we have a body but in Gemini we speak our first words.  Gemini is also the first human sign of the zodiac, symbolizing that the human intellect and ability to think separates us from animals. In Gemini, we realize that there is a rich world of the mind and how language can connect concepts with reality. When we apply meaning to things for the first time with language and define things that are a Gemini idea.

Being yang, the energy of gemini is seeking knowledge and information from without. Gemini is like the natural data collector, infinitely curious. Being a mutable sign, Gemini’s energy tends to be all over the place. However, the mutable air quality of Gemini makes them talkative and incredibly social. They have a natural ability to be able to communicate with anyone and everyone. Gemini’s are social butterflies. They have a way with words, written or spoken. Strong Gemini signatures in a birth chart often indicate a talent in writing or public speaking. A Gemini would talk for hours if you let them.


Gemini also represents the idea of relative truth. Gemini is the opposite sign to Sagittarius. The axis of Gemini and Sagittarius (3rd & 9th), suggests that this is an axis of ‘truth’ and ‘Truth’. Truth capital T and truth Lowercase T. Sag says ‘you shall not kill’ and Gemini asks ‘Well what if it was in self defense?’. Gemini is tricky, it will test what you thought you think was true. Gemini, having to do a lot with language, represents the idea that how humans define things is SKUs by our relative environment. Sag represents the concept behind that thing. You may be saying red or rojo, but at the end of the day, you are describing the same color. Gemini shows how these essential energies fracture and connect us through language.


  • Healthy curiosity and natural intelligence.

  • Listening, seeing both sides of a situation, and understanding relative truth. 

  • Gifted communicator, master of language. 

  • Friendly, enjoys and builds micro-communities.

  • Has a positive approach to life and enjoys cheering people up. 

  • Using a non threatening approach when expressing ideas & is able to see and understand the complexities in life. 

  • Asking questions to learn how others think, rather than telling people what to think. 

  • Open to new ideas, points of view, and experiences.

  • Seeks true understanding. 


  • Gossiping, two faced, superficial or surface level. 

  • Overcommitting, taking on too much, which causes to poor follow through.

  • Overthinking, second-guessing, indecisiveness.

  • Perpetually seeking more information instead of digesting and understanding the information at hand.

  • Saying what others want to hear rather than whats authentic or true. 

  • Relying on logic too much where it invalidates intuition. 

  • Unable to commit, flighty, all over the place if ungrounded. 



The Crab


June 21- July 21

cancer copy png.png

Summer solstice, the
official start of summer time. 

Symbol Graphics- Cancer.png
Sunset on the Beach


represents connection to both material and spiritual worlds


The Nurturer


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.44.08

Nurturing, Intuitive, Sensitive, Loyal, Protective, Caring, Maternal or Paternal, Imaginative, Emotional/Moody

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, which symbolizes the development of emotions and intuition. Hence, Cancers can tend to be emotional and sensitive, but they will give their best effort to keep it all inside. Like their symbol of the crab, Cancer’s have a hard outer shell, to protect their soft insides. If you know a cancer who is defensive, don’t take it personally. Their defense mechanisms are usually a front to protect a well of emotions masqued by a hard exterior. Because this is the first water sign, emotions are still trying to be understood, which is why they have a reputation for being rather moody. Cancer is also a cardinal sign, which means that they are natural leaders. They thrive when it comes to initiating new actions and starting new projects. The watery aspects of cancer make them natural in tune to other people’s needs and emotions. This natural empathy can be a great strength to see and bring out the best in others. Cancers instinctively need to protect themselves, and others they love. This fierce loyalty makes Cancer’s amazing friends.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which embodies the archetype of the mother goddess, which makes Cancer naturally more feminine in nature. That’s not to say all Cancer men are ‘feminine’ per se, rather, they have an appreciation for femininity. Generally, Cancer men have great respect for the women and the divine feminine. It’s common for Cancer men to love their mothers, and want to live close to them. Cancer women (or women with strong Cancer placements) embody the divine feminine or maternal aspect of life. They not only make very loving and nurturing mothers, but they seek to mother and care for everyone around them. The moon also represents instincts. Because the moon is associated with the subconscious mind and instinctive behavior,  Cancers often have fantastic instincts. Cancers should not be afraid to go with their gut, and rely on their natural intuition.


The moon and Cancer are also naturally affiliated with the lowest part of the Astrological Mandala (the fourth house). Symbolically, this indicates that Cancers have a strong attachment or resonance with themes of their roots, heritage, homeland, or their family/kin. They are sentimental and nostalgic. You can usually count on Cancers to save little mementos and keepsakes. Cancer represents the roots and the foundation of inner worlds, that allows us to reach up to great heights in our external worlds. Being the roots/foundational energy, Cancer values security, consistency, and habits that lead to stability.


  • Caring, nurturing, and supporting of others.

  • Empathetic, noticing and validating feelings.

  • Building one’s own foundation and security.

  • Honest disclosure of feelings and insecurities.

  • Humility, down to earth nurturing and caring.

  • Accepting others (and one’s own) weaknesses and fluctuating moods without judgement.

  • Staying centered in one’s own feelings. Master of one’s own emotional world. Learning how to stay centered during deeply emotional times.


  • Inability to process emotions in a healthy way (bottling it up or exploding).

  • Insecurity leading to inaction or stuck-ness. Risk-averse. 

  • Co-dependence, neediness or needing a crutch. 

  • Moodiness, overemotional, defensive, dramatic. 

  • Overly nostalgic or using the past to avoid the present.

  • Isolation or spending too much time at home.

  • Lack of self-respect, allowing others to walk all over them.

  • Manipulation through emotional overreaction.



July 22- Aug 22


The Lion

Leo copy png.png


In the thick of the summer season!

Summertime & the livins easy.

Symbol Graphics- Leo.png
Beach Vacation


A lion's head and mane. Circle-Spirit and tail. Cosmic Snake.


The Performer


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.43.53

Creative, Exuberant, Talented, Special, Prideful, Fun, Entertaining, Life of the Party

After the personal phase of development from Aries to Cancer, Leo emerges. Leo represents the fullest expression of the Ego. Fire, being linked to the Ego, and the first interpersonal sign, Leo is all about externalizing our identity. Sometimes this can cause anxiety or nervousness around feedback, or the need of validation from others. Other times this can bring out natural performers, leaders, or people who are willing to take center stage. When you think about it, leadership is performed. The Lion is also said to be king of the jungle. Their fixed element also makes them great at applying structure, so they make great leaders. Being the first of the interpersonal signs, Leo also represents the ‘Tribe’. They know how to gather people together into the tribe and love being with friends. Leo being tied to the ego is important, but its position in the order of the zodiac suggests it is our first interaction with other people, our circle of friends, our tribe. The opposite of Leo is Aquarius, which represents the larger community or network that is full of tribes. Both are two sides of the same tribal coin. 

Leo is the only sign ruled by the Sun. The sun is our life force. It is our creative drive. In that way, Leo represents fecundity or offspring of all sorts like biological funcundity of having children. Or the fecundity of products or creative ideas, music, poetry, art, whatever it may be. Note, this creation is coming from your fully formed egoic identity. Your output of creative ideas is essentially Leo.  That’s why Leos tend to be incredibly creative. The Sun sits in the center of the solar system and all other planets rotate around it. Similarly, Leos have a great weightness to them and are able to change the tone or the frequency of a room when they walk into it. They may know how to work a room, or they may know just the right song to put on. 

An undeniable characteristic of Leo’s is that they are fun! They love to have fun, bring people together, and groove out on the dancefloor. Leos love to have a good time. For them, fun is almost therapeutic. It is the sign of pleasure and luxury. Leo’s love pleasures of sex, great music, and enjoy the finest of things in life. They are regal and have an air of needing or expecting to be at the top of the food chain in their own way.


  • Healthy sense of self, identity, and self-confidence. 

  • Willingness to take “center stage”, getting over fear of feedback for the sake of making an impact.

  • Good at managing attention. 

  • Love, being in tune with the heart, and following the hearts desires. 

  • Individuality & Authenticity. Embracing our unique creative energy and talents.

  • Strengthening one’s willpower and ability to take risks.

  • Enthusiasm and a contagiously excitable personality.

  • Relating to the childlike quality in others and oneself. 

  • Enjoying life, pleasure, and having fun. Using fun as therapy in a healthy way (not as an escape tool). 


  • Narcissistic, self-centered,  thinking the world revolves around you.

  • Prideful, egotistical. 

  • Vain, or insecurity based on vanity.

  • Being overly timid or shy because of one’s fear of feedback or having an impact.

  • Overly controlling, dominant to satisfy the ego.

  • Unhealthy risk taking (especially with romance or gambling).

  • Need for approval & applause. Needs praise or flattery (usually because of insecurity).  

  • Doing what’s expected instead of following one’s heart.

  • Melodramatic tendencies, flair for the dramatic, extremism.

  • Arrogance, being ignorant of others.



Aug 23- Sept 22


The Virgin

virgo copy png.png

The transition from summer to fall.

Symbol Graphics- Virgo.png

Derived from the Greek letters ΠΑΡ, which are the first three letters of the Greek word parthenos, which means "virgin"


The Analyst

Autumn Leaves


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.43.05

Practical, Detail-Oriented, Clever, Analytical, Inquisitive, Communicative, Clever, Nervous, Busy-Body, Perfectionist

After the ego is fully formed in the sign of Leo, Virgo comes after. Imagine Leo as the top of the pyramid, the ego at its finest.  Virgo represents the inversion of this pyramid and shows us what happens after the ego steps out on stage. It represents the critique of the ego. Hence, virgos can be quite critical. Virgo is like the humbling before you integrate your ego with the collective. Virgo represents the 6th sign (or house) in the zodiac and falls right before the decedent, western horizon (7th house). This means that Virgo occupies the space in the sky, right below the horizon line. When energy shifts above the horizon line in the sky, it shifts from being private to being totally public. This is like a phase of humbling or preparation of the ego before moving into the space of the marriage of egos that comes in Libra, the sign after virgo. The concept of perfection runs very deeply in the archetype of Virgo. They are typically called ‘perfectionists’


The other key word that always comes to mind when we’re thinking about virgo is THE PRACTICE. It represents the work that is required to maintain perfection. Like the energy of Aries being filtered through the eye of a needle. To have what you want, you have to work for it again and again. The opposite sign of Virgo, is Pisces which represents an ideal or larger concept. Pisces being water shows an abstract/spiritual/esoteric truth. Virgo is an earth sign so it shows the grounding of these concepts in reality and hard work. Virgos in their glory spend a ton of time practicing to achieve perfection. 

Let’s think about the time of year, virgo season. This is the time at the very end of summer when things start to break down, indian summer turns into fall. It is a time of change and mutation. Being a mutable earth sign, the earth is forever changing and evolving. During virgo season we are separating the wheat from the shaft. Hence, virgos can be excellent at discernment and optimization. This is a time to tend to what we have been growing to ensure the best possible harvest.


  • Finding clairity and getting straight to the point. 

  • Bringing order to chaos.

  • Analyzing information, discerning that is important, categorizing.  

  • Understanding that practice makes perfect, and improvement is a never ending process. 

  • Setting up systems & processes. Creating routines to achieve a larger vision. 

  • Practical approach to life. Focusing on the here and now. Level headed & logical. 

  • Having a service oriented mindset. Focusing on the needs of others.

  • Humble. 

  • Noticing and valuing the details. 


  • Perfectionism. Being overly critical of oneself and others. 

  • Overly picky or finicky. 

  • Over analysis, worry. 

  • Inability to rest & relax because of the feeling there is always more work to be done. 

  • Being anxious over making mistakes. 

  • Getting distracted by the details, exaggerating the importance of details, or missing the forest for the trees.

  • Shaming oneself or others. Finding faults and making others wrong. 

  • Staying in unpleasant situations because of obligation, shame or guilt.



Sept 23- Oct 22


The Scales

Libra copy png.png

The very start of fall time!
Autumn equinox in the northern 

Symbol Graphics- Libra.png
Fall Market

sun on the horizon


The Diplomat


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.42.21

Likable, Social, Cooperative, Artistic, Refined, Harmonizing, Intellectual, Fair, Balanced

In the sky, Libra symbolically represents the setting (western sky, 7th house) most part of the sky where the sun sets. It represents when two souls (or egos) merge, or see themselves in each other. It represents the idea of Justin Timberlake’s song ‘Mirrors’. When we find someone who we love to marry, or our best friends, or any authentic partnership they will always reflect back who we are as a person. The reflection is Libra, the person is Aries (the opposite sign).  After the phase of personal development, we fully integrate with others. Libra represents the balancing of ourselves and others.


The symbol for Libra is the scales. First inanimate sign in the zodiac. Symbolically it also represents Balance. In relationships, in art, all divine harmony. They see both sides, and always consider the counter argument even if they disagree. Being very conscious of balance, Libra can be wary of rocking the boat. They prefer to be a diplomat, and smooth things over before they escalate. However, Libra can symbolize the very opposite-- not being afraid to throw some punches. Libras can easily make friends, but they are also OK to have open enemies. They are not afraid to speak their minds when needed and they will tell you like it is (usually politely). With a healthy expression of Libra, all actions are taken with the core understanding of self. Unhealthy expressions of Libra can manifest in all actions being taken out of codependency, or loss of personal identity. 

Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. This means that Libra’s are also creative and have an appreciation for the arts, music, dance. It also indicates an appreciation for these high caliber items, and great taste.


  • Being the natural diplomat and thinking win-win.

  • Isn't afraid of conflict, able to engage in conflict in ways that are smart and civilized. 

  • Regal, social graces, tactful, charming presence. Creates harmony, or keeps internal harmony in times of discord. 

  • Values others' needs, and sees both sides of every situation. Is able to come down on one side or form their own, well rounded, opinion. 

  • Assertive of one's own needs in a healthy way. Establishes a sense of self to avoid co-dependency.


  • Vanity, materialistic, image focused. Overly trendy.

  • Indecision, seeing both sides and being unable to come down on one.

  • Codependent or relying on others to form an identity. Sees themself through another person rather than their own. 

  • Debilitating selflessness, losing oneself in another (often to avoid self reflection).

  • Being too nice, being nice to appease others where it is disingenuous 

  • “Tit for Tat’



Oct 23 - Nov 21


The Scorpion

scorpio copy png.png


Halloween & the thick of fall

Symbol Graphics- Scorpio.png


Stinger of a scorpion


The Healer


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.41.28

Intense, Constantly Transforming, Penetrating, Masterful, Healing, Suspicious, Jealous,  Morbid, Repressed, Destructive, Psychological

After Libra comes the second water sign and the last Interpersonal sign. Scorpio represents an area in our lives after coming into contact with the other, we are forever transformed. It represents energy transforms us, hence, scorpios are masters at constant personal transformation throughout life. 

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Imagine fixed water as a deep well that reaches so far down underground it hits water. This is the intensity of emotions and feelings Scorpio can bring to the table. Being a water sign, scorpios are naturally empathetic. They feel others emotions very easily, and feel very, very deeply. Often times I want to just give a scorpio a big hug. Sometimes scorpios don’t know how to process the deep levels of emotions they feel. Their intensity can be, intense. Managing these energies in a healthy, productive, therapeutic way is very important. 

All water signs tend to be rather elusive, mysterious, or secretive. Water is sensitive, and very deeply penetrating. Scorpios are very careful with these deep topics and their own emotions in general. Every Scorpio has a secret. I like to freak Scorpios out when I meet them by just letting them know that I know that they are hiding something.  They keep their cards very close to the chest. Knowing a Scorpio at their most inner core is to understand the level of intensity of the human experience we are not always in touch with. Scorpio is the sign of transformation. 

Scorpio also represents shared values. Shared resources among spouses, intergenerational wealth passed down in families, or taxes you pay or government assistance programs. The sharing of resources is Scorpionic energy. The opposite sign (aka polarity) is Taurus, which is personal values and personal money.


  • Releasing whatever causes stagnation and low energy

  • Fantastic ability for self-regeneration and personal renewal. 

  • Consistent discipline to accomplish strategic goals. 

  • Choosing constructive change and evolution. 

  • Eliminating non useful possessions, purging, letting go of the past. 

  • Healthy detachment. Enjoying things without having to own them or consume them. 

  • Accepting support from others or gathering/pooling resources (ideas, money, opportunities).

  • Able to detect the motivations of others and feel whats underneath the surface. 

  • Able to cultivate true power and influence. 

  • Healthy relationship to vulnerability. 

  • Able to feel deeply and alchemize pain into growth. 


  • Overly controlling.  Addicted to control and afraid of uncertainty.

  • Power hungry &/or abusive of power. 

  • Emotional intensity & attraction to crisis situations or over concern with other people's crisis.

  • Impatience & hastiness out of anxiety or fear.

  • Inappropriate intensity, lashing out or overreacting because of repressed/denied emotions. 

  • Judgemental tendencies (usually out of shame).

  • Preoccupation with the psychological motivations of others.

  • Being aggressively stubborn and unwilling to compromise.

  • Blowing up or destroying something in order to eliminate one part. 

  • Obsessive compulsive because of the obsession with control. 



Nov 22 - Dec 20

Symbol Graphics- Sagittarius .png
Collecting Christmas Tree


Arrow of the centaur, aiming to higher realms

Sag copy png.png


The Explorer



Fall moving into winter, Thanksgiving & the Holiday Season


The Archer

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.39.37

Jovial, Friendly, Optimistic, Kind, Generous, Expansive, Philosophical, Broad-Minded, Arrogant,  Extra, Exaggeration, Pompous

Sagittarius is the first transpersonal sign, falling after scorpio. Sagittarius energy is expansive and explosive, it is like the phoenix that bursts through the ashes after the intensely transformational experience of Scorpio. We experience and understand ourselves culturally, with the greater collective consciousness. 

The symbol for Sagittarius is the minotaur (half human half animal) who shoots his arrow into the heavens. It is symbolic of human breaking out of its animalistic nature, in search for a higher truth or knowledge. Because Sagittarius is a Mutalable, it also has an element of being forever changing. Being transpersonal, Sagittarius crosses all cultural boundaries. It knows no borders and understands that culture may be relative, but the fundamental essence that drives our human experience is all the same. Traveling and experiencing foreign cultures and foreign places is an innate drive of Sagittarius energy. By traveling and experiencing other cultures, the Sag understands the common threads that unite us on a transpersonal level and can retrieve that very truth to share with the world. The sag is a gypsy at heart.


Moveover, Sagittarius is the final fire sign of the zodiac, thus it resembles how our identity/ego embodies these universal ‘Truths’. There is a guru energy, a teacher or wise leader energy to Sagittarius. There is also a preacher, proselytizing element of sharing and spreading truth or knowledge. The ‘Truth’ that we are talking about comes through a person, though an ego. It is like Moses coming down from mountain with the Ten Commandments, or the Bible. An ego that tells us the will of God, or Knowledge. Egoic ‘Truth’, as opposed to a more esoteric intuitive truth.


Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (aka Zeus), king of the heavens. Therefore, when we encounter Sagittarius elements of being ‘God Like’, or always in search for what is most god-like. Jupiter is by far physically the largest planet in the solar system. It is larger than all of the other planets combined. Sagittarians have a ‘larger than life’ quality to them. They can be boisterous, gregarious, and they have a wonderful sense of humor.


  • Wisdom

  • Reliance on intuition, prophetic abilities, and indivisible guidance

  • Speaking from Higher Consciousness

  • Spontaneity-- developing a sense of freedom and adventure

  • Direct communication free from censorship

  • Trusting oneself

  • Spending time alone and in nature

  • Patience

  • Intuitive listening-- hearing the meaning behind the words

  • Excellent sense of humor


  • Self-righteousness, needing to be right

  • Espousing “Truth,” without taking others’ views into account

  • Assuming others know “where they’re at”

  • Delusion, aloofness

  • Think one knows what others are saying without really listening

  • Careless spontaneity

  • Taking shortcuts

  • Taking oneself too seriously; having ponderous approach to life

  • Acting on intuition without checking the facts

  • Resisting ideas that are foreign to one’s belief system

  • Prejudging present situations on the basis of the past experience



Dec 21 - Jan 20

Cap copy png.png


Winter solstice & the official start of the winter season (also Christmas & New Years)


The Mountain Goat

Symbol Graphics- Capricorn .png
Snow Forest Road


Body and head of a goat with the tail of a fish or face and horns of goat.


The Governor


Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.38.47


Hard working, Determined, Mature, Committed, Judgemental

Capricorn is the final, transpersonal, Earth sign of the zodiac. Capricorns with the natural ability to work hard and physically manifest their dreams and desires. Also being a cardinal signs, they are natural leaders. The cardinal, earth combination means that Capricorns are not afraid of hard work, and are willing to back up their goals and ambitions with enormous effort to get the job done. The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat. Which evokes the imagery of a goat tediously and steadily perseveringly making their way up and up and up the mountain. Capricorns are always seeking to self improve in to work towards being the best at whatever they are trying to accomplish. They are always willing to put in the extra time and the extra effort.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. The temperament of Saturn is cold and dry, so Capricorn in Saturn energy has the ability to bring clarity. Saturn is also known as Kronos or the god of time. Being ruled by Saturn Capricorns have an understanding of time and the time that it can take to manifest projects. Capricorn's understand the importance of investing. Investing in one's self investing in one's projects. They have an astute knack for business in the business world. Because Capricorn sport corresponds to the 10th house they are generally very career-driven and ambitious. Being a transpersonal sign, Capricorn also represents the institutions. Capricorn has to do with how we as a society uphold troops that were established previously in the sign of Sagittarius. Capricorn resonates with the energies of the government, the IRS or just in general any type of Institutions that we have to uphold a functioning Society.


The opposite sign of Capricorn is cancer. Cancer represents the mother or the more maternal aspect of life, because Capricorn opposes the sign of Cancer it tends to represent the father or a more paternal aspect of life. Heavy Capricorn influences can indicate the importance of being a parent or The Importance of Being a good father in life. if it is out of balance it can lead to one parent trying to take on all of the roles of mother and father. The cancer Capricorn axis  has a lot to do with parenting and the family. In this season of Capricorn we celebrate Christmas, where we stay inside and enjoy the fruits of our labor with our family and loved ones. In the season of cancer we celebrate the 4th of July. Where We Gather with our family and our loved ones in the middle of the summer time. These happen to be two of the most highly travel times of year for Americans to visit their families. Coincidence? you decide.


  • Accomplishment

  • Self-control

  • Approaching life from an adult position

  • Self-respect

  • Staying goal oriented

  • Sensible approaches to problem solving

  • Keeping commitments and promises

  • Letting go of the past 

  • Self care

  • Accepting responsibility for success


  • Doing what is socially acceptable instead of what is authentic/honest.

  • Thinking that things have to be difficult in order to be important. 

  • Opportunism, blind ambition.

  • Needing to control everything and everyone.

  • Compulsion to take charge without fully understanding the situation

  • Ignoring the process; being too focused on the goal. 

  • Feeling Completely responsible for Everything 

  • Doing things to only to gain respect or admiration from others

  • Doing everything out of a sense of duty or obligation, Taking care of others’ feelings and neglecting one’s own.



Jan 21 - Feb 18

Symbol Graphics- Aquarius .png


Ripples of water, disruption

Aquarius copy png.png


The Reformer



The thick of winter time,

super hibernation node


The Water Bearer

Tree in Snow
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 11.37.19


Forward Thinking, Avant-Guard, Original, Inventive, Innovative, Progressive, Erratic, Rebellious  

Aquarius is the final Air sign, meaning it is the fullest development of the mind and intellect. Hence, Aquarius’ are intellectual, inquisitive, and natural members of the avantguard. Being a fixed sign, Aquarius aims to sustain and implement larger, grand, sometimes utopian ideas. Paradox is key for an Aquarius (as it is for most Air signs). They can see both sides of the argument, and often waver from one extreme to another. Aquarius energy wavers from a passion to an aloofness, or a ‘too cool for school’ vibe. They have the ability to step back, and examine things objectively and scientifically. Because air signs are intrinsically more social, Aquarians are social butterflies. They are friendly and love being around people. However, they can approach with a sense of detachment. Again, they are scientists after all. The aloofness can manifest in different ways from being polyamorous, perpetually single, or just needing a fair amount of space in relationships. 

Aquarius also represents the opposite energy of Leo. Both signs represent the individual as the creative actor. Where Leo represents the ego putting forth a creative work, aquarius represents the letting go of your unique work, and sacrificing it without expectation to the greater community. Where Leo represents the ‘Tribe’ Aquarius represents a collection of all the tribes. Think of Leo as a football team, and Aquarius like the NFL. Or Leo as a country, and Aquarius is like the United Nations. Aquarius, being the symbol of the water bearer also epitomizes this energy. The water bearer shares these essential energies with all of humanity. It touches on the paradox again that we are all unique, but all the same.


Aquarius appears as the second to last sign of the zodiac, and comes after Capricorn. This being the case, Aquarius has an energy of breaking down and breaking through the rigidity of the Capricorn institutions. It inspires. It revolutionizes. They are ready and willing to push the boundaries of what we know and what we are familiar with. Aquarius energy is like a lightning bolt, ready to strike for better or for worse. Sometimes this intense energy of a lightning bolt strike can be very traumatic for those who are not ready for it.  This sometimes gives natives with a heavy Aquarian vibe an understanding of trauma, stress, or upheaval. This is merely a reflection of the fact that Aquarius energy is revolutionizing, crystalizing, and propelling us forward.


  • Originality

  • Objectivity (seeing the “total picture”)

  • Desire for friendship 

  • Making decisions for the group’s best interest

  • Willingness to share unconventional ideas

  • Willingness to champion humanitarian causes

  • Active participation in groups

  • Awareness of equality

  • Relating to others as individuals, apart from their specific roles (gardener, doctor, lover, etc.)

  • Creating win/win situations

  • Recognizing how others are special


  • Rebelliousness

  • Yielding to peer pressure in order to “belong”

  • Detaching from emotional situations

  • Aloofness

  • Waiting for others to prompt one’s own action

  • “Overlooking” what’s really going on

  • Waiting for “more” knowledge before taking action

  • Excessive daydreaming

  • Running away from confrontations



Feb 19 - March 20

Symbol Graphics- Pisces .png


Two fish tied together yet swimming in opposite directions

Pisces copy png.png


The Dreamer



Very end of winter and beginning of spring. 


The Fish

Treetop from Below
Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 3.01.29 PM.png


Inspiring, Idealistic, Artistically Sensitive, Devotional, Empathetic, Chaotic, Confused, Escapist

Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, so it takes a smidgen of all signs into its character. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mutable, meaning no boundaries and water conjures up imagery of being in the center of the ocean, with nothing around. Slightly terrifying, but awesome. Only the vastness of the Ocean, the primordial waters that we all came from, and all will return too. This is the essence of Pisces. Pisces is connected to the great mother womb, God/Goddess, often represented by water. They have an innate understanding of what lies beyond our physical reality. Often time Pisces struggle with being in a physical reality. Sometimes this can lead to escapist behavior from excessive alcohol use, drug use, video gaming, whatever the vice may be. Generally there can be a lingering discontent with being here in this physical reality, and a struggle with the fact that the physical reality cannot measure up to the greater, non-dimensional reality that lies beyond. The ‘dreamy’ quality can get stuck in what could be rather than what is. If there are heavy Pisces elements in a chart, be sure to care for your mental health. Be conscious and be cautious of symptoms of depression and addiction. Still waters run very, very deep with Pisces and a Jovial exterior usually masks a deeper narrative. This exact dreamness however, is what makes Pisces astounding avatars who change the world. 

Pisces also corresponds with Neptune, which is the higher octave, or higher vibration of Venus. Being like Venus on steroids, Pisces infuses beauty and love into everything they touch. It is the sign of the purest and most unconditional love. From styling themselves, their surroundings, creating music, or cooking for others everything they do is utterly beautiful and filled with love. The traditional ruler is Jupiter. Jupiter rulership symbolizes that there is a Guru or teacher aspect to a Pisces. They make great teachers. Unlike a more didactic, one sided notion to truth, faith, and knowledge Pisces is an esoteric manifestation of these ideals. Pisces is the guru that shows you that you knew the answers all along, where as Sagittarius will tell you them. I like to think of it as Sagittarius is like Moses bringing down the ten commandments, and Pisces is just knowing the ten commandments, without needing explicit instructions from an ego. Pisces have a very yoda-esque vibe. They have a grasp on big concepts and ideas. The opposite of Pisces is Virgo. This is also important because it shows that to balance out the Pisces’ lofty ideals is the practice (Virgo). Where Pisces is the dreamer, Virgo is the do-er.

Just as Pisces have an innate understanding of ‘God/Goddess’ and deeper ideas, Pisces represents the breaking down and letting go. Pisces represents the return to the great universal mother womb which we all came from. When we go through heavy Pisces times, these can be periods of isolation or hermitage in order to mimic the idea of separation from the physical world.


  • Compassion

  • Being non judgemental

  • Surrendering anxiety to a Higher Power 

  • Freeing the mind through meditation and self-reflection

  • Focusing on the spiritual pathway 

  • Trusting in positive outcomes

  • Acknowledging connection with the universe

  • Welcoming change


  • Martyrdom, victimization (or having a victim consciousness)

  • Confusion and disorientation

  • Avoidance of planning, Vagueness (not wanting to commit)/inaction

  • Escapism/addictive tendencies (drug, alcohol, excessive, sleep, daydreaming, etc.)

  • Oversensitivity, extremism

  • Self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, giving up

  • Withdrawal, isolation

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