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The angles of the ecliptic have symbolic meaning. They represent the most sensitive aspects of our personality. The angles change position every two minutes or so, making them very important in chart interpretation. You need to know your exact birth time to get the angles right. They also have symbolic meaning of the soul’s purpose. 

Angle Graphic - GATG1.png

Your midheaven describes career or reputation. It is your public appearance, career, or life path. This is like your linkedin profile. The midheaven also describes the attributes or characteristics you bring to the workplace.

Your ascendant sign describes  your first impression. Your energetic handshake. How you come off to others. The mask you wear. Your ascendant colors how you perceive the world, and how the world perceives you. It is like your filter. How you come off to others in a one on one setting. 

Your descendant sign can show how you do relationships with others, and the masses. It is like your personal billboard. It also describes your relationship intention in life. The ruling sign of the descendant is an important indicator of how relationships turn out.

Your nadir describes deepest subconscious or unconscious mind. Shows your roots, your home, your heritage. Also can show the characteristics that support your Midheaven/Career.


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