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Houses represent an area of the sky we see from our point of view on earth. If you look at the rising sun, you are looking at the first house. If you are looking above your head, you are looking and the 9th/10th house. If you are looking at the setting sun, you are looking at the seventh house. We can see part of seventh, first and cannot see 6-2.  The houses never move, they are fixed. They symbolize an area of life. They describe where the planets and signs are acting in your life. There are twelve houses, just like there are twelve signs. They show the position of the sky.

House Graphic.png


Houses of the sky indicate areas of life, or subject matters that are universal in everyone's life experience like relationships, money, death, debt, children, the list goes on. On one level, the houses simply explain how and where energy will manifest in your life experience. For example, if you have a lot of planets in your second house of personal finances, money or material wealth could be an important theme in your life. While energy manifests in certain areas of our life, the deeper meaning of the house should be taken into account in order to grasp not just where energy is manifesting but why it is manifesting there. For example, if you have a lot going on in your second house, finances may be a theme for you but what is driving this energy comes back to how you value yourself and your personal sense of self worth. Because, the basis of material wealth and personal opulence  always projets from a deeper subconscious space of self worth and personal values. See the chart below and tips to test out what houses mean in your chart.

First House


Second House


Third House

Fourth House

Fifth House

Sixth House

Seventh House

Eighth House

Ninth House


Tenth House

Eleventh House

Twelfth House

Body, Health/Vitality, Physical Appearance

Finances, Possessions, Personal Wealth, Material Things & Security 

Siblings, learning, friendship family ‘bros’, short travel (vehicles)

Home, Family (immediate), Parents, Mother, Secrets

Creative Projects, Children, Pregnancy, Romance/Flings, Gambling & Games of Chance

Day to day work, subordinates, Health/illness/injury, Pets

Relationships, marriages, partnerships, other people, counseling

Money of others, shared resources, death/rebirth, unions, sexuality/taboo topics, the occult

Travel, Foreign Places, Foreigners, Higher Education


Career, Professional Life, Authority, Advancement

Networks, Alliances, Groups, Friends, Community, Hopes & Dreams

Remote/Removed Locations (hospitals, jails etc), hidden enemies, sickness or bodily breakdown, loss & endings, mental health

Your Identity, Your Persona, How others see you, Your individual self, How you self identify and define yourself. Strength in core identity.

Your values, how you value yourself, matter & what matters

Making connections, networking (getting to know others and everything), learning and exchanging information

Your roots, your homeland, the foundations of your emotional world, private self, psychological foundations, security, sense of belonging

Offspring of any kind, your creative life force, pleasure and recreation


Daily routines, practices, and day to day work that supports a larger idea

Partnerships as mirrors, seeing yourself through others, how you connect to people one on one personally and publically. 

What lies underneath the surface, the subconscious, transformation, things that are (or seem) beyond our control, merging with another person, personal transformation through deep experiences

Your moral compass that colors your beliefs, philosophies, broader truths that connect all cultures. TRUTH/Bible

Public self, your position in the greater world, social hierarchy, society, structures and institutions and how one fits into them

Networks that connect us all, concepts/hopes/ideals that connect and unite communities higher mind, hopes, aspirations, dreams

The ending phase, the collective soul, return to the collective mother's womb, hidden things (like enemies or hidden talents)


Literal/Physical Manifestation

Deeper Meaning/Energetic Resonance 

Test it out in your chart...

To understand how the houses operate in your chart, you can ask yourself a few questions like,

  • What house is my sun in? How do the themes of that house show where I shine in life? 

  •  What house is my moon in? Does the house my moon is in show a place where I need and crave security?

  • Do I have a lot of planets in a particular house? What are the themes of that house, and how do those themes resonate with my life?

what's next?
The best way to get to know your chart is with the guidance of a professional astrologer.
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