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the big three

The essence of your personality


  • Yin Energy

  • Your Id

  • Your Subconscious

  • Your Internalized Self

  • How you see yourself

  • Your inner child & the sign you are more like as a child

The moon represents your subconscious. Your inner child. Your instincts. Your Id. How you see yourself. Also, past life behaviors. Your moon sign shows a subject that you have a PHD in. You know the area of your moon sign intuitively and can use it to your advantage at any time. The traits of the Moon sign are very prominent as a child. You have the ability to teach others about your moon sign instinctively.


Your moon sign is unique/personal because the moon changes sign every 2.5 days. 


  • Yang Energy

  • Your Ego

  • Your Conscious Mind

  • Your Externalized Self

  • How others see you

  • The sign you move into during adulthood

The sun sign resembles your life force. Your ego.  Your solar consciousness. The sun sign is a ‘gift’ in your chart. It represents an aspect of yourself that you move TOWARDS in your life. You have the attributes of this sign. It is a responsibility in life to naturally embody the positive/constructive aspects of this sign and mitigate the negative. Mastery of the positive aspects is a theme in life. As we age, we see the positive aspects of our sign sun sign embodied. They become a gift, if we do the inner work and allow them too.


Your sun sign moves one degree a day and changes sign every 30 days. 


  • Your Energetic Handshake

  • How you come off to people

  • Your mask

  • Your filter through how you see and experience the world

  • The filter in which the world experiences you

Physically, the rising sign represents the exact point that was eastern sky at the time you were born. Esoterically it represents what energy was breathed into your soul the moment of birth. This sets the tone for your life experience.



By sign, the rising suggests an energy that is dominant in your personality, it is very unique and changes sign approximately every 2 hours. 





synthesizing the basics




Think of yourself as not one sign, but three. Although there are so many other parts of your astrological makeup, these three signs will be the strongest in speaking to your personality.

Simply put, you are your sun on the outside, moon on the inside, and the rising sign sets the tone of how these three are expressed. All act in subtly different ways, but makeup the picture of your personality.

If this is difficult to understand, think of your sun/moon/rising more simply by following the suggestions below...

1. Read a description of all three signs (your Sun Sign, Moon  Sign and Rising Sign). 

(For example, if you are a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon, and Cancer Rising, read the descriptions for Taurus, Leo and Cancer)

2. For each sign, ask yourself...

  • Do the characteristics of this sign describe me?

  • How do they describe me?

  • What aspects of these signs are spot on and resonate with me?


Work backwards and connect the dots between your personality, and the descriptions in front of you. Let the chart and the symbols speak to you. Meet them with an open mind and embrace the characteristics that you feel are innate in your DNA. Don't get too caught up with the technicalities. Focus less on finding the perfect fit from outside, but more so matching the outside with how you feel inside. This is how we connect most deeply to ourselves, and astrology.

3. Synthesize, in your own mind, exactly how these relate to your personality. How are you like your sun/moon/rising?

Astrology is great because it can objectively tell you about yourself. However, we can work with astrology and meet it halfway to understand key concepts. 

what's next?
The best way to get to know your chart is with the guidance of a professional astrologer.
I'd love to help! 
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