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Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse | July 2019

We’re kicking off the month of July with an Eclipse. This eclipse occurs on the New Moon in Cancer on July 2. The Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn is happening on July 17.

We are in deep, deep Cancer territory this month. Cancerian energy is nurturing, protective, and motherly. Cancer is about our roots, home, and our homeland. Think of a great big tree in the forest with thousands of branches and a trunk so thick, you can’t wrap your arms around it. What sits underneath this tree is a gigantic network of roots. The health and well being of these roots is how the tree can grow, flourish, and produce the fruit we rely on. Cancerian energy is the energy of the roots and subconscious we must nurture so we can grow.

This month, the Cancerian energy calls us to nurture ourselves, first and foremost. Depending on your birth chart, this will play out in many different ways. Overall theme for every sign is to water your roots so you can grow. Also, to examine the health and wealth of your roots. Are nurtured? Are they poisoned?  What do we need to heal that is interfering with what are we projecting into the universe?

New Moons are powerful times to retreat and nurture ourselves. New moon during an eclipse in Cancer, powerful is an understatement. This new moon is the rolls royce of manifestation potential. The seeds are rooting for the life you want, be sure to tend to any toxicity in those roots so they can grow and flourish. Pay attention to what you are focusing on now during this new moon. You can use the power of your mind, your thoughts, and your intentions to set up the life you want.

At the same time we are called to nurture ourselves, this month we are being pushed forward towards new chapters in life. All of the inner work supports our outer work. More insight/clarity on how this will manifest in your public life, will come to light on the Full Moon (July 17) and culminate in the eclipse season during Capricorn Season (December 2019/January 2020).


Themes & Focus For Your Sign


What area of life is getting worked on or needs nurturing?


What should you focus your intentions on and move towards? What lessons are coming up?

Aries Rising // Aries

Themes:  roots, home, family

Focus: How you ground and nurture yourself, physically and emotionally. Creating a safe space for yourself so you can grow and flourish.

Taurus Rising // Taurus

Themes: communication (how we communicate), siblings, neighborhood/local community

Focus: How you communicate with others and process information. Defining your own inner truths, relative to the world around us. Examine the labels we attach to the world around us.

Gemini Rising // Gemini

Themes: money, possessions, values, self worth

Focus: Your material possessions as a reflection of inner values. What you are currently asking for as compensation as a representation of self worth. Are you asking for enough?

Cancer Rising // Cancer

Themes: self, identity, body/vitality

Focus: Strong sense of self as the basis of healthy relationships with others. Listening to and respecting your physicality. The body is the subconscious mind, treat it well.

Leo Rising // Leo

Themes: letting go, turning inward, isolation

Focus: Time to retreat and have the ego take a back seat. Float downstream and embrace the unknown in life. Let go and let god.

Virgo Rising // Virgo

Themes: community, friendships, networks

Focus: How you put yourself out in the world via social networks and our communities. Staying detached from a specific outcome and focus on the greater collective, letting go of the ego. We are all members of the same tribe.

Libra Rising // Libra

Themes: career, life direction, reputation

Focus: How you show up to the world at large through your profession or reputation. How you accept responsibility.

Scorpio Rising // Scorpio

Themes: traveling, higher education, knowledge & beliefs

Focus: Seeing the connective thread that runs through cultures and people who think differently that you do. Understanding universal truths. Learning from Gurus and Mentors.

Sagittarius Rising // Sagittarius

Themes: shared resources, sexuality, what lies beneath, events out of our control

Focus: Understanding or coming to terms with the values of others. Constructively incorporating the values of others while maintaining your individuality. Accepting what we cannot control.

Capricorn Rising // Capricorn

Themes: relationships, partnerships, friendships

Focus: Seeing others as a reflection of yourself, making compromises, knowing your personal boundaries. One on one connections.

Aquarius Rising // Aquarius

Themes: health, day to day work/job, pets, subordinates

Focus: Your practice. What you do on the day to day that contributes to your larger goals, or greater ideas. Consistent maintenance. How you keep up with the up keep.

Pisces Rising // Pisces

Themes: creative projects, children, your tribe

Focus: How you express yourself in the world. Embracing your ego and creative autonomy. Being a creative agent, or creating something new and unique. Your personal brand.


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