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Virgo New & Grounding Meditation

When the moon is new and hidden from our view, we too have the opportunity to step back and turn inward. Now is the perfect time to set practical goals and intentions for big ideas. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, which are two paradoxical ideals. Mutable energy is ever expanding, and knows no boundaries, while earth energy is practical, grounding and obsessed with permanence. These two energies (mutable & earth) combine to create Virgo, the nervous reck of the zodiac, obsessed with checking off things on the to-do list to make sure that they are constantly working towards something greater than themselves. Too often a Virgo tendency can be to focus so much on being of service to others, it leaves their personal energy center drained and depleted.

This new moon calls us to balance the energy of change and permanence, and stay focused on the routines that ground us. How do we stay grounded throughout the chaos of transformation? Tools like meditation (check out my story for a guided meditation), breath work, exercise etc. are great ideas to tap into this full moon. Right now are transformative times on a personal and collective level and its most important to stay grounded in so we can show up for our calling every day.

Tips for the New Moon in Virgo:

  • Time to decide what to focus on. Keep intentions clear and simple.

  • Stay Grounded! Use tools like mediation to stay clear and relaxed.

  • Connect with nature to avoid burnout. Happy new moon!

Grounding Meditation

For this new moon I would like to share my daily grounding meditation. This can be especially helpful during a new moon in Virgo to stay focused and relieve the anxiety when we feel ourselves starting to spiral out of control and out of alignment. There is no wrong way to meditate, do what feels right for you and allow yourself to relax and surrender.

Step One: Get Comfortable

  • Find a comfortable spot in your home, nature, or a special place you will not be disturbed.

  • Sit up straight with or without support, or lie down in whichever way you are most comfortable.

  • Relax into your position. Get in touch with your body, do a quick body scan, and give yourself permission to release any tension you are feeling.

  • Close your eyes and take three slow breaths. Count equal seconds inhale and exhale.

Step Two: Visualization

  • Bring your focus and attention to the core of your body.

  • Visualize a light in the core of your body. This brilliant light continues to glow, and expand.

  • Visualize a tendril of light going down from your core towards the ground. The light from your core connects to the earth, and continues to move to the center of the earth.

  • Visualize your tendril of energy meeting the earth’s energy (visualize different colors if this is easier, I may imagine the earth as a green light and mine as a white light). Draw the earth’s energy up to meet your energy, like you are sucking through a straw.

Step 3: Observe

  • Sit with this energy as long as you feel is needed. Feel the energy of the earth replenish you, or feel the energy of the earth neutralize any and all anxiety.

  • Observe your feelings and emotions.

  • Thank yourself and mother earth for this experience, and slowly open your eyes.

Journaling post-mediation is always a great idea too! Try it our & Enjoy!

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