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Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse | July 2019

This full moon marks an important turning point for the year 2019. The month of July has been a powerful time to embrace new ways of being and thinking. Eclipse season is a time to make room for new chapters and experiences in life. With a full moon lunar eclipse, we can see the path in front of us. The full moon in Capricorn reveals things to us that we were in the dark on, with wisdom and often times some tough love. Astrologically, this Full Moon Eclipse is a powerhouse to say the least. Here are the top three aspects, and how to harness their energy this eclipse.

1. Moon Conjunct Pluto: on a collective level, we are being called to examine the foundations of power structures in society. To look past the symptoms and look deeply at the root cause of what drives us. On a personal level this aspect facilitates access to our subconscious. This full moon we have the opportunity (if we so choose) to see through something so deeply it transforms us. By sitting with, going deep, and doing the soul searching work, we can bring conscious acceptance and understanding to aspects of our psyche we were not aware of before. 2. Venus & Rahu & Sun conjunct in Cancer: bring together, become whole, and hold space to nurture yourself and others. This is a powerful aspect to integrate lessons of the eclipse, as Venus coaxes out energy of harmony and connection. Whether that be holding space to reconnect with yourself, or having a full moon viewing with your friends, make sacred space to allow for healing to flow. 3. Saturn conjunct Ketu: Integrating physical and spiritual needs. Letting go, cutting out what you need in order to move forward on your new path. This is a time for release. Be cognsant of the lessons you need to learn and karma that is being served up to you on a silver platter. For better or for worse. Saturn is our greatest teacher and Ketu is part of our souls karmic narrative. With these two energies being in a dance all year, they remind us that  if you don’t have what you want, you have not learned the lesson yet. What lessons must be learned, integrated, and what do we need to let go of to more forward?

But what does this mean for you?

A simple and effective way to know how the eclipse is impacting you is to know your rising/ascendant sign. If you know your rising sign, you can identify what house the eclipses are happening in for you. That will shed light on what you need to focus on. (You need to know your birth time to know your rising sign).

Eclipses happen around the nodes of the moon (Rahu/North Node and Ketu/South Node). The nodes of the moon are two points on your chart that are exactly opposite each other. They are symbolic of two opposing energies that push and pull us through life. These dynamic forces call for balance. Depending on your rising sign, the eclipse is illuminating a certain area (axis) of your life, and letting you know what is being pushed, pulled, and how to find balance. Note, this area has most likely been a topic and slow moving and powerful transformation since 2008, when Pluto moved into Scorpio.

What is being highlighted or illuminated now? How can balancing this area be useful for me on my journey? What is contributing to the imbalance in this area? How can I bridge these and be more present?

Cancer Rising & Capricorn Rising

Eclipse Illumination: Knowing who you truly are by witnessing it as a reflection in other people.

Balancing Act | Independent vs Codependent: getting lost in another person or being overly independent. Cancer rising may be more inclined to be overly independent now and need to let go of relationships that no longer serve. Capricorn rising may be overly dependent and be called to let go of an identity that no longer suits them. It's important now to know your personal boundaries. Danger comes from getting lost in another person, or being overly independent. Healthy dependency is critical right now. Cancer rising may be more inclined to be overly independent and let go of relationships that no longer serve. Capricorn rising may be overly dependent and be called to let go of an identity that no longer suits them.

Gemini & Sagittarius Rising

Eclipse Illumination | Deep understanding of your personal values, and collective/shared values. How these values may have a subconscious effect on what programs what manifests in our lives.

Balancing Act | Self Worth vs Collective Values: Between what you value, and what other people's values. Not sacrificing your personal worth, by not letting others dictate your personal worth. The power dynamics and issues of control that come with that. That is true magnetism. Sagittarius rising is called to embrace their true sense of self worth, and let go of the need to merge with others. Gemini rising may be called to integrate their personal values completely with the values of the collective, or a partner. Deep subconscious reprogramming is in store for this axis.

Taurus & Scorpio Rising

Eclipse Illumination: Knowing exactly you believe to be true and why you believe it to be true through experiences, intellect, or religion/spirituality. Understanding that others may feel differently because of their life experiences, and that’s OK.

Balancing Act | Relative Truth vs Universal Truth: the dynamic between accepting things as truth vs applying your personal truth. It comes down to the understanding of the common thread that brings together beliefs. Ideas like relative morality are hard to balance (ie thou shalt not kill, but what if it is self defense kind of energy). We all interpret things differently as human beings, but the message if often the same. Scorpio rising may be called to understand the common themes that transcend cultural boundaries, and let go of petty differences. Taurus rising may feel compelled to understand that ‘truth’ can be relative, and find that through social and intellectual pursuits.

Aries & Libra Rising

Eclipse Illumination | Finding your path through your career and your home life or roots.

Balancing Act | Private vs Public Life. How are you nourishing yourself in private that helps you grow in your public or professional life? This can manifest in reparenting one self so you can be a natural leader in life (personally or professionally). Libra rising may be more focused on professional life and career, what needs to be shed around your personal/private life to propel your professional growth? Aries may focus more on their home and watering the roots, time to focus on building the foundations and stepping back from the professional or public life to nurture oneself and one's family.

Pisces & Virgo Rising

Eclipse Illumination: Your contribution to the tribe or community, the unique gifts do you have to share with the world.

Balancing Act | Being Similar vs Being Unique: This axis highlights the balance between how you contribute your unique gifts to the greater community. Like a band, every artist has a unique style that contributes to the shared identity/brand. Pisces rising is called now to embrace their uniqueness and healthy ego. Virgo rising may feel the need to let go of the ego, and focus on the collective. Balancing the two gives a healthy relationship of how to create and release. Also how to know when to step up and take center stage while focusing on the greater good of the community.

Leo & Aquarius Rising

Eclipse Illumination: How you support the greater idea and goal for life through practice and consistent effort.

Balancing Act | Concepts vs Reality. Big ideas and concepts and putting in the work to achieve them. How to stay grounded in reality, while maintaining a larger vision. Don't miss the forest for the trees, and don't miss the trees for the forest. Aquarius rising may be more inclined to focus on the practice now, and let go of ideas that are not authentic. Leo rising may need to focus more on getting their heads out of the mundane day to day and see the bigger picture for their life. Happy Eclipse! ✨


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