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Mercury Retrograde | July 2019

July 7-August 1

So, what does Mercury Retrograde mean? Retrograde planets move backward in the sky from our point of view on Earth. They are not actually moving backwards in space, we just perceive this. Astrologers interpret this energy symbolically as well as physically. As the planet Mercury moves backward, we too need to take a step back. This is a time of examination, reflection, or reassessment.

Mercury retrograde is an invitation to look inward. This three week period is about finding the answers we have been looking for, or gain clarity around a particular topic.

Trial and error is common now, so are some perceived setbacks to what you thought you wanted. The energy of a retrograde tests our commitment to a specific practice or idea. By putting us to the test, we ask questions about what is really working for us, and what is not. What area of your life right now needs to be re examined?

There are a few unique features of this Mercury Retrograde. Mars is in the mix here with this retrograde, which adds both energy and potential frustration. Mars is like a red bull energizer bunny, he wants to go go go. Mars wants to keep moving forward with energy and enthusiasm, while Mercury says ‘Sorry Buddy! You’re not there yet, you still haven’t realized this thing you’re going to need to know to get to where you need to go’. Because of this, there is potential for two things:

  1. Frustration you are not going in the direction you would like, leading to impulsive or rash decisions. Be careful, no corner cutting. Ask for divine guidance from within. Your soul will bring you answers if you ask, and if you are ready to listen.

  2. More energy put into auditing things, and re-examination. Particularly the ability to heal, or suck out the poison. With a trine to Chiron, the energy towards healing and soul searching is fluid and ripe.

With this retrograde, we have the opportunity to make sense of a deeper vision for our lives. Mercury will be retrograde through the last degrees of Cancer. These last degrees of Cancer hold a heavy karmic signature. Where are the poisons, what is under the surface?

The whole month of July is our preparing and embracing new ways of being and thinking. July we are being pushed forward towards new things and ideas. This mercury retrograde is helping is sus out blind spots in our thinking and reassess the way forward. This retrograde is preparing us to step fully into our new chapter, and more authentic selves. August will be when we actually step fully into these new ways, and externalize our inherent capabilities.


What Mercury retrograde means for your sign

What should you be focusing on and re-evaluating?

Aries Rising // Aries

Lessons around creative vulnerability are potent now. How are you managing your private life and emotional world? Are you managing these areas effectively so you can put yourself out there to others? Are you ready to put your mark on the world?

Taurus Rising // Taurus

Focus on how you balance and integrate emotions and intellect. Are you over intellectualizing emotions or not feeling anything? Are your emotions at times irrational or out of control? This retrograde also can bring up topics  around how you relate to family and siblings, and familial conditioning. What about this conditioning needs to be examined?

Gemini Rising //Gemini

Elevating the material to the intellectual. Being less stubborn and rigid around ideas. How do your values define your language? Are you effectively communicating what you value?

Cancer Rising // Cancer

How you take care of an nourish our physical bodies. The consequences of having a body, and the consequences of living in a material world. How are you caring for our material possessions and finances?

Leo Rising // Leo

Wrapping up a chapter in life and stepping into a totally new and authentic version of yourself. Take time to examine your mental state, or get in touch with your spirituality. Now is the time to rethink what you need to let go of. Time to shed old ways and invite in new experiences this August.

Virgo Rising // Virgo

Now you are tapped into what is happening on a collective level. Sense of humanitarianism may be potent in your life now. How are you a representative of the collective consciousness? Are you happy with the role you are playing and what you are contributing back to your society? Now is a great time to examine how your networks can be used to benefit others.

Libra Rising // Libra

How is your professional career impacting society at large? What is going on now in terms of your career, reputation or professional life? How can you harness your networks?

Scorpio Rising // Scorpio

Examine your professional life, career, and reputation. How do your beliefs define your professional career? Are the foundations strong? Are you doing things for the right reasons? What needs to be improved on, and what have you done well professionally? 

Sagittarius Rising // Sagittarius

This represents the completion of a transformational process in life. How do we take the lessons we have learned through our hardships in life and share them with others? What newly earned wisdom can you uncover that could help others? 

Capricorn Rising // Capricorn

How do you go to a deeper level in our relationships with others to transform yourself? This is a time to be vulnerable and open to transformation. Be open to merging with another person, whether it be through personal values, assets, or sex. These deep connects ultimately make us more whole.

Aquarius Rising // Aquarius

Seeing your own flaws and strengths through relationships with others. How do you self correct or handle criticism so you can be in successful, happy one on one relationships, friendships, and business partnerships? What needs to be corrected? How do you fit into society? 

Pisces Rising // Pisces

What needs to be examined about your identity and creative output? You cannot start a successful practice, job, or start building without a solid sense of identity and what your brand looks like. How do you see yourself and envision your life? Is it authentic? Listening to feedback in a productive way is important now.


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