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Virgo Season & Mars in Virgo

As the vibes shift from the fun, fiery energy of Leo to the grounded and practical energy of Virgo, we are able to see the tangible results of our creativity. Virgo season marks the harvest, where we collect the fruits of our labor and separate the wheat from the shaft. While at the same time, staying humble in the understanding that our ego is meant to be of service to others.

Virgo season is the perfect time to figure out what practice and routine works best for you. Perfection is a process that requires effort. Virgo, the perfectionist, calls us to look at our self with a discerning eye. What needs to be improved? What can we let go of that is no longer serving us? How can we optimize? How can we organize our lives to be of the utmost service? With Virgo energy supporting our day to day, organization and optimization have the power to come naturally at this time. ♍️🌾


Mars moved into Virgo this week, and we're all feeling the shifts. Mars is a faster moving planet, so when he moves through a sign, it infuses our day to day drive with the energy of the sign for about 6 weeks (August 19-October 4). Sometimes, I'm personally skeptical of how potent Mars transits are, but this Mars into Virgo hit me like a pile of bricks. The Leo season come down is becoming all too real. Mars in Virgo invites us to get our Shit together. The party of planets in Leo is almost over, and it is time to put in the work. Virgo pushes us to do the things we need to in order to get the job done. Sometimes it sucks, but it's worth it. The energy of Mars in Virgo is kind of like fitting a whole bunch of energy through the eye of the needle. It makes us channel our attention in one direction. Mars tests our priorities, and will force us to optimize our lives. It separates the wheat from the shaft. Sometimes we have to pick and choose in order to make the most out of life, and not get overwhelmed by our to-do lists. 3 Tips for using Mars Virgo energy to your benefit: • Put in the extra work and the effort to grunt work done. Tasks may not be as easy right now and will require a bit more technical understanding. Put in the extra effort to understand how things work from the inside out. • Optimize your life. Make the mundane tasks as painless and efficient as possible. Whether that means getting your groceries delivered every once and a while or thinking of a faster way to speed up your commute. Virgo energy can help make the most out of life so you can live it to the fullest. • Make your lists, check them twice, but be flexible if things need to change. Virgo's DO NOT have short to-do lists, and they know how to get shit done. But sometimes, we can't do it all. If you can't get everything done, don't stress. Prioritization and delegation is clutch with Virgo energy. It's important to discern what is most important, and worthy of your time, and pick up where you left off tomorrow. ♍️🌾


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