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Astrology of Elizabeth Warren

Sun - Cancer (0 Degrees)

Moon - Taurus

At a Glance, what does Warren bring to the table?

  • Revolutionary ideas that are grounded and incredibly thorough. That’s why she has a plan for everything.

  • Incredible mental ability: speaking, writing, learning.

  • Challenging power structures and the political and economic status quo.

Sun/Uranus conjunction in Cancer

Firstly, Elizabeth Warren is a Cancer Sun. Cancer (ruled by the Moon) energy is that of the divine feminine and the divine mother. Cancer is nurturing, caring, and protecting one's homeland, family, and ideals. Cancer energy is patriotic, because of its loyalty to one's homeland and roots. The United States of America is a Cancer, with the Declaration of Independence being signed during Cancer season on July 4th. This speaks to Warren’s innate patriotism to serve in public office. Warren also started as a teacher to children with special needs, further emphasizing the Cancerian energy of nurturing, loving, and caring for those around her. There is a sensitivity and a tenderness to Cancer energy that can’t be ignored (hence, her tender little moments of pinky promises with her supporters). Cancer is also a cardinal sign, which brings energy of leadership and executive decision making skills.

It’s also important to note that Cancer energy is the opposite energy of Capricorn. Capricorn represents the current social and political structures we operate in, capitalism and institutions like wall street and our financial system. Cancer stands as the polarity of these rigid capitalistic energy to balance it out with softness and humanity. In the same way, Elizabeth Warren brings forward a new type of capitalism, infused with more compassion and understanding. While still calling herself a capitalist, Warrens ideas seek to create balance and correct the injustices of our current economic system.

Elizabeth Warren was born with the planet Uranus exactly conjunct her Sun. Uranus is the energy of change, transformation, revolution, equality, and social justice. Hence, the revolutionary spirit of Uranus is part of Warren’s persona. We can see this in the way Warren advocates for a fair economic system, abolishing big corporations, and catering to the needs of everyday American families. Without doubt, Elizabeth Warren was meant to be a change agent and shake up the status quo.

Moon in Taurus (square Pluto)

While Warrens ideas may seem radical, she actually is very practical and down to earth. Her Taurus moon sign provides the grounding she needs to break through to the everyday voter. Moreover, Taurus moon signs are incredibly thorough, (which could explain why she will take a picture with every single person who wants one). Taurus’ think through every single detail needed to come to a decision. Hence, when Warren says she has a plan for that, she’s not kidding. You can bet every single detail has been thought out and put through the ringer. Another notable feature of Warren’s moon sign is that it is squaring Pluto (note, final quarter square). A Moon/Pluto square brings in the ability to challenge and critique power structures.

Mercury/Mars Conjunction in Gemini

Elizabeth Warren also has the planets of Mars and Mercury conjunct in the sign of Gemini. Mercury speaks to our mental/cognitive ability. It has to do with how we speak, communicate, and process information. Mars has to do without drive and our ambition. When these two planets come together in a chart, so do their energies. This means that Elizabeth Warren’s mental and communicative abilities are

supercharged and full of energy and vitality.

Please note we do not have a birth time so we are for sure missing some things. Without a birth time, here is what we can see will still be important times for Elizabeth Warren in 2020.

Transits & Important Times for Elizabeth Warren in 2020

April & May (specifically the end of April & Beginning of May. April 19-May 9)

  • The North Node will be moving across Warren’s Sun/Uranus conjunction at this time.

  • Elizabeth Warren will be noticeably moved on her path. There will be an event of fate/destiny at this point in time.

June (specifically end of the month, June 21 right around her birthday).

  • Eclipses will be HUGE for Warren. These eclipses will be occurring right on her natal sun. The New Moon Solar eclipse will be EXACT on her Sun/Uranus conjunction

  • Mercury will also be retrograde in the sign of cancer, close to her natal Venus sign.

August (Second and Third week)

  • Mars transiting her North Node, squares all of the things going on in Pluto.

  • Note, all of 2020 is extremely important for Warren. Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions are forming a Square to her nodes.

2020 Progressed Moon Phase - Waxing Gibbous

  • Warren is building something now and growing. It has not reached full bloom, but there is excitement about what is to come.


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