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Mercury Retrograde & Pisces Season

The end of this February features some astrological activity that has to potential to muddy the waters, and cause some confusion. Here's some wisdom on what to expect, and how to handle the vibes.

Mercury Retrograde

Oh, mercury retrograde. I love it. Sometimes I love to hate it. Just kidding, I love it. Any astrologer will tell you that Mercury retrograde is the perfect time for our favorite RE words (reworking, reassessing, reflecting etc). However, Mercury retrograde is a great time to go deeper, go inward, and REceive the insights we need to move forward. Mercury retrogrades give us the space to see things from a new perspective, and examine all the dirty details. Although it may seem like things are not moving on the surface, underneath there is germination going on before eventually action and clarity. So be patient and kind to yourself during these three weeks, three times of year.

The current Mercury retrograde is happening in the sign of Pisces. Let’s be clear, Mercury is not always a fan of hanging out Pisces. Mercury seeks clarity, order, organization, and optimization. Mercury aims to clarify the nebulous, and bring order to chaos. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, now is not necessarily a time for full clarity. We don’t need to know everything and all of the little details, but we do need to have faith that the universe is working in our favor and teaching us what we need to know. Pisces is the energy of faith, and the guru that does not tell us the answers, but shows us we knew the answers all along. During this time it's important to ask ourselves, ‘What am I being called to learn through this experience?’, and find the internal security in the midst of a potentially chaotic external environment.

Another important energy of this Mercury retrograde is that of letting go, surrendering, and allowing the universe to work through you with grace. When clarity is lacking and the future is unsure, it's easy to get that spike of cortisol that stresses us out. This stress is contagious. This mercury retrograde is an opportunity to practice awareness and be a peaceful presence in the midst of chaos. Allowing faith to play a role and flex your trust muscles. This too shall pass, and once it does, that clairity and the path will become clear.


Pisces season

Happy Pisces Season fishies! As a mutable sign, change is in the air. The days are growing longer, small signs of spring are entering our peripheral. As the seasons change, we too are invited to evolve. As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces invites us to embrace the endings in preparation for the new. Which begs the question, what is our relationship to change? For some, change can be exciting. For many, change scary, and threaten our foundations or security. But one of the harsh truths in life is that the only constant is change. As one of the most spiritual signs in the zodiac, Pisces offers faith. Faith that changes point us in the right direction, faith that the endings always result in bright new beginnings that move our soul towards its highest evolution.

During the shifting from Aquarius to Pisces season, we are receiving some astrological support from the two rulers of the Pisces. Jupiter and Neptune both are considered to rule over Pisces, and these two signs are locked in a sextile aspect. So what does this mean? Essentially this aspect offers us the support we need to move towards our new self. However, sextiles do not bring effortless change. It’s not helpful to just sit on the sidelines and visualize. Opportunities are sure to present themselves with our effort. It is up to us to take the steps towards the change we want to see and experience.

As we shift, move, and prepare to start a new this Pisces season, trust and keep the faith in the new chapters to come.


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