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Woo Woo Meets Wellness…

Into the witchy stuff? Here are some Top recommendations for resources to tap into your intuition.

The woo woo trend is real! In the ‘wellness’ industry there is a new spiritual community emerging. In no particular order, here is a list of fantastic podcasts that center around spirituality and wellness. Covering a wide variety of topics like manifestation, astrology, shamanism, and tarot, all of these listens are here to help move listeners towards being the best version of yourself, and living your very best life.

Almost 30, with Lindsay Simsick and Krista

This podcast changed my life. The rose colored podcast touches on all things witch from Astrology to Shamanism, to Ayurveda, Sexuality, Wellness, you name it. Listening to this podcast opened my eyes to new experts and subject topics I wanted to know more about, but could not find anywhere else. The hosts are accessible, passionate, and surprisingly down to earth and humble. I met both Krista and Lindsey when they came to Chicago. They are both so incredibly nice, radiating warmth and kindness. Both ladies stayed hours after the event was over and talked to every single person who wanted to talk to them. Scroll through their selection of over 200 episodes and pick a topic that you want to learn about. The guests never fail to please, and will ignite your curiosity. Most of the podcasts below are featured on Almost 30, so you can test them out here!

Ghost of a Podcast, with Jessica Linyadoo

This podcast transcends astrology and speaks to your soul. It is a wonderful free weekly resource for beginners and experts alike. The way the podcast is setup, is Jessica answers a question from her audience, and then does horoscopes for the week. Jessica Linyadoo has the wisdom of a 100 year old Grandmother, and speaks with the tenderness and compassion of a good friend. She is an experienced counselor and it shows. She is adept at holding space for her listeners and their questions. Jessica has a way of penetrating to the root of the situation. You can clearly tell her years of counseling have made her an expert. Using mainly astrology (she’s also a medium and animal communicator, which is really dope), Jessica hits the nail on the head every time. By pinpointing the root cause with the perfect balance of grace and a no-nonsense pragmatism, her podcast communicates messages that can transform you and send you the insights you need.

Expanded, with Lacy Phillips

Lacy Philip’s manifestation techniques are life changing. Her manifestation methods work, and her philosophies are spot on. The method centers around the idea that you manifest from the subconscious mind, not the conscious mind. So all of those affirmations and visualizations aren’t going to make your manifestation dreams come true. With Lacy and the To Be Magnetic brand, your work will consist of journaling, hypnosis, and expanding your horizons. This brand turned me onto this work and I joined The Pathway. The Pathway is a monthly subscription to all of Lacy’s workshops. It’s worth every penny. It’s like mini-therapy meets magic. When you do Lacy’s workshops, you will witness your external world change once the inner world is changed.

Tarot for the Wild Soul, with Lindsay Mac

When I want a taste for tarot, Lindsay is my go to girl. I highly recommend this podcast because I love Lindsays approachable methods for understanding the Tarot. As an astrologer, I speak the language of symbols. So when I can find someone who knows how to translate a language of symbol, I have mad props and respect. If you want to get your toes wet in Tarot, listen to this one.

Highest Self Podcast, with Sahara Rose

Sahara Rose is a modern day Ayurvedic nutritional coach. But her podcast and her brand is so much more. She’s got cookbooks, books, a gorgeous tarot deck, and community leader. Spirituality, wellness, and personal development is what it is all about on the Highest Self podcast. Sahara’s podcasts are a mix of solo podcasts and guests. Her solo topics on Ayurveda, Doshas, and just overall being a goddess.

Ancient Wisdom Today, with Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek is a modern healer whose podcast is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice. The weekly meditations he puts out on Wednesdays are always fantastic free tools to use in your day to day life. His methods and personal philosophies are certainly unorthodox, which makes his work even more exciting and compelling. Also, his girlfriend is a Princess who sees angels, and he works with celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow. Despite being high profile, Shaman Durek is incredibly humble and loyal to his followers. When I post about Shaman Durek on instagram, he always responds to me and will message me back in my DMs. I know it's actually him because he will send voice messages, which I think is just so damn nice. If you are trying to enhance your psychic abilities or dabble with shamanism, you have to check out Ancient Wisdom Today.

So you think you’re intuitive?, with Natalie Miles

This podcast helps listeners tap into their intuitive gifts. Natalie is awesome, approachable, and just the sweetest! Her techniques to become more psychic are practical and approachable. When you listen to them, you’re like “I felt like I already knew that! That makes so much sense!”. I would highly recommend going back to the Episodes on the four claires. I also have done her meditations on how to meet your spirit guides and really enjoyed it! I highly recommend Natalie and her work.


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