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June Vibes | 2019

The best part of rain is when it’s over, the clouds clear, the sun peeks through, sky turns blue, and the air has a clean smell of freshly cut grass and damp pavement. .

May was a bit more heavy or more serious, but with June the storm has cleared and we have fresh, vibrant new energy pouring into our experience. Jupiter, Neptune, and the Sun will be dancing in a t-square on the mutable axis, which ushers in exciting and creative energy. June is the perfect time to grow, learn, and expand your mind. New projects are coming to life and interesting experiences are coming your way if you let them. Take advantage of your curious mind. If you have wanted to take a class, try something new - why not try it? Soak in all of the podcasts, blogs, books, and great conversations with friends. Indulge your interests. It is a powerful time to received wisdom, insight, and knowledge. Continue to expand with the richness of new information being brought into your experience this month.

Within this energy of emergence and increasing abundance, there is always the temptation to live too large. To spend more than we have or to take unsafe risks. Don’t forget about moderation, and be careful of information overload and spreading yourself too thin. Don’t lose focus, keep your eyes on the prize. . Be open to the possibility that life presents. Prepare with knowledge and experiences. We have eclipse season coming up in July that will call on us to use this information to navigate some shifts on our life. 💫


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