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Mercury Retrograde | October 2019

Mercury retrograde is not a bad thing. In fact, I look forward to them. Our society is overwhelmingly mercurial. We’re constantly thinking, communicating, and using our analytical mind. Mercury retrograde can inspire us to think differently, and start listening more than we speak. The three weeks Mercury is retrograde (plus shadow period a week or two before and after), is the perfect time to receive insight from the universe.

Mercury is the messenger god, who travels from the heavens to the underworld. When he moves backwards in the sky, it's like Mercury is transmitting information from a different lens. It is a time for all of the RE words. Reflection, reassessing, realign, redirect, recover, reconsider. When he goes direct, we have the opportunity to understand this lesson or area of our life more fully.

This particular Mercury retrograde is choc full of juicy Scorpio energy. Scorpio is the fixed water sign of the zodiac, which means that it can reach down to new depths of the subconscious. Here’s what to expect, in general.

  • Secrets Revealed & Skeletons coming out of the closet. Scorpio energy represents what lies underneath, or what is hidden from our view. Expect secrets to be revealed or new facts to come to light, that were once unseen.

  • Shadow & Inner Work: Time to take a look under the hood, and tap into what’s going on underneath the surface. This particular Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to do the inner work, and confront our shadow. Tap into your subconscious, whatever that looks like for you (talk therapy, meditation, journaling etc). Don’t forget to be kind to yourself if and when the deep topics come up.

  • Personal Breakthroughs: Scorpio territory has the opportunity to bring in new energy that we did not even know was there, which can be terrifying, or exciting. Either way, there is an opportunity for breakthroughs. During this time, take advantage of the breakthrough and take this wisdom into 2020.

Insights for Your Sign

Mercury retrograde is the time to reflect and receive signs. When Mercury stations direct and clears out of the shadow period, the signs become clear and we can move forward. Mercury will go retrograde in an area of your chart. This area depends on your rising sign (from a whole sign perspective). If you do not know your rising sign, you can look to your sign sign. A simple chart hack, find your rising sign to see where mercury is retrograde in your chart, and what that means for you.

Aries Rising // Aries

How do you go to a deeper level in our relationships with others to transform yourself? Insights may arise about or from an intimate partner, activating the area of other people’s finances or personal debt. Avoid making decisions around debt or money at this time if you can.

Taurus Rising // Taurus

Reflect on your partnerships and relationships. Now is a time to receive insights through other people. That could be direct through communication or experience, or indirect by noticing what relationships are mirroring back to you about yourself.

Gemini Rising //Gemini

Now is the perfect time to step back and get organized. Focus less on finishing everything on the to-do list, and focus more on prioritizing the to do list. The topics of health, your job, or subordinantes.

Cancer Rising // Cancer

Dive deep into your creative projects at this time. You may not move forward, but there will be juicy insights from doing in depth research, or getting into the creative flow. Topics of children or your close friend group also may be highlighted at this time.

Leo Rising // Leo

Time to retreat inward and examine Insights about how are you managing your private life and emotional world. Topics around your family, mother, homeland, physical house you live in may come during this retrograde.

Virgo Rising // Virgo

This mercury retrograde is the perfect time to focus on how you are communicating to others. Err on the side of over communication and being as detailed as possible to avoid misunderstanding. Topics may come up involving your siblings, friends, and neighbors.

Libra Rising // Libra

Time to reflect on how you fulfill your own needs. What are your most important values? How does your bank account and spending impact what you value and how you fulfill your own needs?

Scorpio Rising // Scorpio

This time will bring insights around self, how you self identify, and who you are. Also a good time to reflect on how we take care of and nourish our physical bodies.

Sagittarius Rising // Sagittarius

Prepare to receive messages and insights in isolation, mediation, and retreat. Take time to examine your mental state, or get in touch with your spirituality. Now is the time to rethink what you need to let go of.

Capricorn Rising // Capricorn

Now is a good time to develop powerful networks and connections. Be open to receiving insights from your friends. Also, reassess your hopes, wishes and dreams. Are these wishes aligned with your deepest subconscious desires and values?

Aquarius Rising // Aquarius

Topics will be highlighted around your career or professional life. Insights will be coming in through and about your career. Power dynamics in the workplace will be brought to light, be sure to examine the motivations of others before making professional commitments.

Pisces Rising // Pisces

Pay attention to insights are coming in from mentors, gurus, or from study (either self study or traditional academia). This represents the completion of a transformational process in life. How do we take the lessons we have learned through our hardships in life and share them with others? What newly earned wisdom can you uncover that could help others?


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